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Writing A Best Man Speech - How to Write a Best Man Speech That is Going to Make you Proud

Imagine seeing your best friend fall in love with a wonderful woman and decide to marry her. They're so happy together and they spend months planning their wedding. A few weeks before the big day, your friend springs the question on you. He asks if you would do the honor of making his best man speech. Thrilled, you accept, without realizing what you've gotten yourself into. It seemed so simple at first, but now you realize that writing a best man speech and later delivering it at the wedding reception really isn't so simple, is it?

Actually, it is! Although you may be stressing about it now, best man speeches have been written for years and you aren't the first to worry about it. In this article I will try to throw some light on how to write a best man speech which is complete in all respects. Hopefully the tips and ideas you get from it will help you writing a best man speech for yourself much easier. It is quite obvious that to make a good best man speech you need an excellent best man speech written at the first place.

Make a few hours in your schedule to be alone. Find a comfortable spot, such as the couch or bed. If music distracts you, turn it off; otherwise, turn some on (not too loud though). Picture your best friend in your mind. Make a list of four or five of your favorite memories together - times you laughed so hard you puked. Next, make a list of four or five somber - but important - memories. Write down the time his brother died and you were right there to give support, or the time you broke your leg hiking and he carried you for two miles to the ranger station. After you have your memories, pick the top three or four most important.

Next, write down all the qualities your friend possesses. When you're done, narrow the list down to the two or three things about him that you love most. The greatest best man speeches are short, but full of emotion. While writing a best man speech, start off on a light, positive note. Tell the audience that you weren't quite sure how to write the speech so you let the speech write itself. Everyone loves a bit of humor in speeches, so to keep people interested enough to pay attention, tell them a short story about something embarrassing that happened to or with the groom (however, don't include something that might make the bride or the bride's parents angry at him). The rest of the party will laugh dutifully, which should raise your confidence enough for the rest of the speech. After the laughter dies down, smile at your friend. Tell the party one of the somber stories, a time when tragedy struck and your friend was right there to lean on. Reminisce about times gone, and make a few hopeful suggestions about times to come.

At the end of the speech, announce your feelings about your best friend settling down to spend the rest of his life with a great woman. Toasting the newlyweds could be the most wonderful way to end your best man speech. Here's where you have a bit of leeway - some people prefer to end their speeches on an emotional note, while others would rather leave the audience chuckling. It's up to you to decide what fits the tone of your speech best. Good luck.

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A Guide to Writing A Best Man Speech

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