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The Importance Of Short Best Man Speeches

Short Best Man Speech

When it comes to writing a best man speech, there are a number of do’s and don’ts to remember. You want to make it personal, but not embarrassing. Do try to relax and have fun with it, but don’t do it by getting too drunk. One thing you really want to focus on is giving short best man speeches.

It is difficult to write everything you want to say to the bride and groom; especially because at least the groom is someone you are extremely close to. It is natural to have strong feelings and to want to express them. What you have to realize is during the toast is not the best time to do so.

Make it a point to sit down and talk to the groom, and bride if you are close, prior to or after the wedding. Congratulate them and share these special moments away from the wedding itself. But the last thing you want to do during the toast is talk just for the sake of talking.

It is important that you take the time to say what you want to say. But it is vital you write a short best man speech. It is a tradition for the best man to get up and give a speech. While it is a nice feature to most weddings, you are not the main focus of the event. Therefore, nobody wants to sit and listen to you talk for hours about the bride and groom.

Try to keep your best man speech at three to five minutes. This gives you plenty of time to introduce yourself, say a few jokes, share a personal story about the bride and groom, and cheers the crowd. That is more than enough time to say what you want to say without boring the crowd.

Not only this, but it can often times be intimidating giving a speech to such a large crowd. The longer the speech is you write out, the more difficult it will be to get up and give it. Make things easy on yourself and write a solid outline that will last no longer than five minutes.

You want your speech to be one the bride and groom never forget. But the best way to do this is to make it short and to the point. There should be no point during your speech that the crowd becomes bored. It should flow smoothly and keep everyone entertained. By throwing in some jokes and a special moment you have had with the bride and groom, you can keep the toast going smoothly. By the way, if you are the brother of the groom you are in luck because a best man speeches by a brother of the groom have some distinct advantages.

There is hardly any doubt that writing a wedding speech or toast can be difficult at times. But it is important you remember to write a short best man speech to keep the crowd with you. Say what you want to say, but do not talk just to talk. If you can do this, you will give a toast the entire crowd can enjoy.


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