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Best Man Speech Insight - 2011 Press Releases

  1. Press Release - January 2011 - Best Man Speech Insight Welcomes 2011 with an Increase in January Sales
  2. Press Release - April 2011 - Best Man Speech Insight To Publish Materials Guided By User Requirements And Suggestions
  3. Press Release - September 2011 - Reasonable Wedding Season Sales Figures for Best Man Speech Insight
  4. Press Release - November 2011 - Best Man Speech Insight Will Be Publishing More and More Customer Driven Content and Products
Older Press Releases

Press Release October 25, 2010 -

Best Man Speech Insight To Publish Materials Guided By User Requirements And Suggestions

Port St. Lucie, FL - lately reported the company is preparing to offer increasingly more best man speech related details on their official site together with the best man speech materials they market depending on the requirements and suggestions the company consistently get from their users and buyers.

Andrew Royce, the marketing and advertising head of, recently stated that the organization is going to pay attention to it's users even more and understand their specific requirements so that than ever and design their product accordingly. Your website presently has a refurbished suggestions section having a questionnaire and also a standalone comments form. "Considering that we now have this feedback and questionnaire facility in our portal, it really has been extremely easy for the visitors to voice their suggestions", clarified Royce, "We are now able to get priceless reviews from our customers. We are already making use of this feedback to enhance our website along with products."

The spokesperson also disclosed that the majority of users would like to have methods that are painless to employ. The study carried out by the company indicates that most of the customers believe that it’s the sample best man speeches as well as best man speech templates that help them above all else to get their best man speeches written at the first place and they also found the guide helpful for the delivery of the speech. However based on the company's research most best men are actually afraid of giving a speech in front of an audience. And in all likelihood that’s why the company spokesman stated that, "We probably will hang around until more feedbacks are available before we make a decision on which material we intend to accentuate. For that matter, we are able to work with multiple elements should our clients desire so."

Even though the Best Man Speech Insight spokesman never mentioned any timeframe it might be deemed that the company is going to be in a position to publish with the all new materials ahead of the summer wedding season next year. Given that the wedding season is well over here in North America the company has sufficient time for evaluating their strategies.

For more information please visit


[End of Press Release]

Press Release October 25, 2010 -

Best Ever October For Best Man Speech Insight Already

Port St. Lucie, FL - Now that the wedding season is well and truly over in the United States, the first half of the month of October was exceptionally good to, the online company that publishes and sales guide and materials on wedding speeches exclusively for the best man. Compared to October 2009, there's a phenomenal growth in the early October sales which will eventually help the company's overall 2010 sales, which is already impressive, even better.

Andrew Royce, the marketing head and as well as the spokesperson of Best Man Speech Insight expressing his satisfaction over the company's good performance during the first 3 quarters of 2010 stated, "We are expecting to continue with the growth during the off season months. It's time to focus on the market down under in Australia and we are expecting growth from that segment of the market as well."

Further, commenting on the good October sales recorded by Best Man Speech Insight, Royce revealed, "There was in fact a little drop in sales in September compared to the same month in 2009 but the company bounced back during the first half of October and was able to maintain the nice growth it has experienced throughout the year." seems to be on a high and confident to end the year with a good growth which will undoubtedly allow them to implement their plans for further expansion of their business in the near future.  However, the year is not yet over and the company is desperate to continue with what they have already achieved and make the year 2010 the best ever until now.

For more information please visit


[End of Press Release]

Press Release September 11, 2010 -

Wedding Season To Continue For Best Man Speech Insight

Port St. Lucie, FL -, one of the leading publishers of wedding speech guides, is gearing up for the approaching wedding season. Well, don’t be surprised because it’s not the North American or European market that is being referred to. There is also a good market for best man speech and other wedding speech products in Australia. And while in North America the wedding season is in it’s last phase, people downunder are getting ready to welcome the new summer wedding season.

Andrew Royce, the Marketing Manager who is also the spokesperson of, while addressing a meeting said, "Last year we managed to achieve a reasonable amount of business from countries in the Southern Hemisphere like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In fact Australia has turned out to be one of the best markets for us after the United States. When we look at the business volumes of our best man speech products, It’s almost as big as the UK market".

Andrew also reminded of the company’s policy to publish best man speech guides and other materials related to best man speeches that are unique to different countries or regions. Since there’s not much difference in the basic format and style of best man speeches worldwide it won’t be a problem for the company to implement the idea and cater the best men around the world in an even better way.

“This year, until now, we have done good business already”, explained Royce, “But in order to achieve our target we still have to depend on the Australian market. We are expecting a growth in sales from the region and I’m confident that we are going to make it without any problem.”
Thanks to the best men from downunder, is optimistic about continuing their wedding season even though it is all but over in the US. But it is still to be seen if they could eventually implement their plans as intended and accomplish their mission of registering a substantial growth in sales volume.

Log on to for more information on this topic .


[End of Press Release]

Press Release August 19, 2010 -

Best Man Speech Insight Is All Set To Go Mobile

Port St. Lucie, FL -, one of the leading online wedding speech related publication companies, has finally decided to make their site mobile friendly. With more and more people using their mobile phones to browse the internet it makes perfect sense to take the mobile route to reach the potential customers.

In a recent company release, Andrew Royce, the marketing head of the company, explained why Best Man speech Insight finally decided to make their web site mobile friendly. He said, “5 billion people worldwide use mobile phones and a section of that population are from those regions where our market is. Thanks to the advent of the smart phones, the number of users who browse the internet via their mobile phones is on the rise. In fact, the numbers would suggest that you can’t ignore mobile phone as a media to reach your potential customers.”

Considering that the majority of their customers are of the age group of 25 - 35 years, Best Man Speech Insight has reasons to be concerned and make sure that their web site, on which the company heavily depends for their customers, is rendered properly on mobile phone screens. In a recent survey it has been revealed that he young best men looking for information or products related to best man speeches and best man speech materials often prefer to use their mobile phones to do the initial searching while they are on the move. And that’s exactly why the company’s decision to make their web site mobile friendly seems justified.

Andrew Royce was answering some questions related to mobile marketing and his company’s vision when he said, “Well, going mobile is no longer an option, it’s indispensable. If you are still sitting by the fence and watching, you are certainly leaving money on the table. So, now the question is not why but when. Well, we have already tested it on the Best Man Speech Blog – the blog section of our web site and soon we are going to test it for the main section. It might take a few couple of weeks when we will be ready with the mobile version of our web site.  We have already booked a .mobi domain, by the way. We now have to make sure that is seamlessly accessed from all mobile phones and platforms namely iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Google Nexus and other Android phones etc.”

Now, as Best Man Speech Insight is all set to go mobile it remains to be seen how they can use this new media to their advantage. Does this move going to help them get more customers and sell them more best man speech products? It’s a question that not only Best Man Speech Insight but everybody related to marketing and commerce is trying to figure out.

For more information on this press release please visit


[End of Press Release]

Press Release July 08, 2010 -

Best Man Speech Insight Unveils Freshly Designed Weblog For The Best Men

Port St. Lucie, FL -, one of the foremost wedding speech publication companies, recently unveiled their new weblog section inside their portal. While the portal did have a blog in place since it's commencement but the new blog is something they had in mind for quite some time. The Best Man speech can be viewed at

"The idea is to communicate and interact with our visitors in a more effective way", explained Andrew Royce while answering questions regarding this latest development. Royce is the Senior Marketing Manager as well as the spoke person of Best Man Speech Insight. He further said, "Our marketing model demands that we always keep in touch with our visitors who are our prospective clients and that is why we thought that having an enhanced best man speech weblog will help us considerably to accomplish the goal. Besides blogs could serve as an excellent media for quick company announcements and marketing related messages."

When asked if Best Man Speech Insight expects any immediate benefit from it, the spokesperson said, "Not really. This is a part of our long time goal and it will take some time before we could fully integrate it in to our marketing system. We know we can capture leads by using blogs but at the moment we are keen to post really top notch best man speech content that the readers will find helpful and will keep them engaged and hopefully entice them to subscribe to the blog."

The summer wedding season is already here in the United States and Best Man Speech Insight is making absolutely sure that they don't miss any opportunity to reach out to an even larger audience and make a place in every best man's mind. Now it remains to be seen how and to what extent this strategy is going to help them to market their products which include materials and guides related exclusively to best man speeches and toasts.

For more information on this press release please visit


[End of Press Release]

Press Release May 25, 2010 -

Best Man Speech Insight To Raise It's Customer Base By Offering More Free Information

Port St. Lucie, FL - Major wedding speech enterprise this week released the latest edition of the product Best Man Speech Insight. The main objective of the release is about the inclusion of additional sample best man speeches and best man speech templates to the current list. In addition to that the Premium Plus variation of the package is refurbished to ensure that the customers get the best deal.

However the information that should please every single best man came from Andrew Royce, the marketing head and at the same time the spokesperson of Best Man Speech Insight.The great news is that the company is soon going to have even more best man speech resources that will be accessible for free to whoever visits the site. The new resources will mainly consist of of tips and ideas on how to write best man speeches and deliver the same flawlessly. Royce said that, "'We do understand that the majority of the best men find it extremely difficult to speak to a sizable audience and this time it will be out priority to help them find a perfect solution to the issue. The main intention is to help the best man to give his speech confidently."

It seems that the main objective behind this initiative is to raise the customer base and make full use of the person to person advertisement. In a survey that was completed not so long ago it has been unveiled that the majority of the visitors who visit are of the age group of 27 - 31 years and they actually seek information on best man speeches that they don't have to pay for. The organization has made the decision to fulfill their desires to a realistic extent. The idea is to later present the products as a better solution for which they have to pay a few bucks.

It is apparent that has a sound plan to enhance it's customer base but time will only tell if this strategy really pays off and to what extent.

For more information on this press release please visit


[End of Press Release]

Press Release April 28, 2010 -

Best Man Speech Company Considering Exclusive Membership Area For Customers

Wedding season is growing near and businesses related to weddings services and merchandise are gearing up to ensure that they have a good year ahead. Best Man Speech Insight, one of the leading companies that deal exclusively with best man related products has devoted a tremendous amount of time, to ensure it's users more quality for their money. Best Man Speech Insight is one of the leading wedding speech materials company that offers wedding speech guides, materials, and best man speech help kits. is planning to create an exclusive membership section, just for the customer‘s convenience. That way they can download the products they have purchased instantly. In addition to this, the company is considering, adding more features, which are not currently available in the product pack.

Andrew Royce, the marketing head, while talking to the press, mentioned that Best Man Speech Insight has added several new features that are included in the pack. Several questions were asked concerning this new product, and were answered by Andrew Royce himself, and he stated. "Our number one priority is to distribute a product that will fulfill the best man with all the knowledge and information he needs, in order to make a superb best man speech. We are aware that sometimes the best man may not know what to include in his speech or how to deliver it properly, with emotion, and style. Therefore, we feel it is our obligation, to provide our customers with the proper knowledge, to do just that."

Beat Man Speech Insight is all about providing the best quality products and convenience, and they are confident, that this new membership section, is going to provide both. A recent survey that was conducted, shown that the website's visitors, requested them to think of something that would enable them to access the best man speech materials anywhere anytime from the web. And it seems that has given them a solution. However, the company is yet to declare officially when this new section will be opened for their customers since it is still being developed.

If you would like more information, concerning this press release, then feel free to visit them at their website.


[End of Press Release]

Press Release March 27, 2010 -

Best Man Speech Insight Now Has New Materials Included In the Pack

Best Man Speech Insight, the company which deals with wedding speech guides and materials, best man speech help guide and kit to be precise, has decided to update its product again before the upcoming wedding season. In fact, in fact the new product has been released earlier today on the internet. Beginning today the customers purchasing Best Man Speech Insight Premium Plus would find the new materials inside the pack.

So, what’s new inside Best Man Speech Premium? “We have added a new PDF on Best Man Speech Props”, said Andrew Royce, the marketing head and spokesperson of Best Man Speech Insight.  Answering questions from readers he also said that, “The primary aim of Best Man Speech Insight is to provide the best man with everything he needs to make a great best man speech. Often the best man is not aware of the stuffs which are required to write a good decent speech and deliver the same with style.  And we feel that it’s our responsibility to provide our customers with best possible ideas. In a recent survey our readers urged us to add some best man speech props ideas to our collection and we are glad to oblige.”

However, the best man speech props are available in the PLUS version. But the company might consider including it to the basic version in the near future. But since the Plus version of the product sells much more than the basic version, the new update is going to serve the majority of the customers anyway.


[End of Press Release]

Press Release February 23, 2010 -

Best Man Speech Insight To Test New Marketing Ideas the publisher of the popular wedding speech product Best Man Speech Insight Premium is planning to test new marketing avenues to promote their products. Best Man Speech Insight is essentially a digital product - a collection of several PDF printable files consisting of sample speeches as well as guides to teach the best men how to prepare for their wedding speeches using the product. And like most digital or information products Best Man Speech Insight Premium is also marketed online using various marketing mediums available there. But the company feels that there is a scope to reach even more customers by other means of marketing.

Andrew Royce, the marketing head of Best Man Speech Insight, was talking about the future marketing plans of the company earlier today. He said, “We are seriously considering to try offline marketing and see if it actually can help us to reach out to more customers who are looking for assistance on their best man speeches”. However, he denied telling exactly how the company plans to promote it’s products in the real world outside the internet. Royce said, “It could be classified ads, Yellow Pages, Flyers, local TV Guide, Radio commercials, we are discussing the possibilities and expect to arrive at a conclusion soon.”

Best Man Speech Insight banks heavily on online promotions to market their best man speech product and now they are all set to try the offline media. It remains to be seen if this offline marketing strategy is actually going to pay off for the company long term.


[End of Press Release]

Press Release December 15, 2009 -
Best Man Speech Insight to Include Content in their Web Site and Products based on Customer Feedback

What seems to be an obvious measure to make their product more marketable today announced that they are gearing up to include more and more information on their web site as well as products based on feedback they regularly get from their customers. Andrew Royce, the marketing head of, today said that the company is determined to deliver what the customers want them to do. The site now has a revamped feedback page featuring a quick survey and a separate feedback form. “Since we have put this feedback and survey page on our site it has been very convenient for our customers and visitors to send their feedbacks”, explained Royce, “We have got invaluable feedback from them. We will be using this information to improve our site as well as products.”

The company spokesman also revealed that most customers want solutions that are fast and easy to work with. The survey conducted by shows that the majority of customers who participated think that it’s the sample best man speeches that help them more than anything else while preparing for a best man speech. But according to the company sources it’s the fear of public speaking or stage fright that should concern the best men more. And probably that’s why the company spokes person said that, “We are going to wait for more feedbacks to come in before we decide on which content we are going to emphasize. In fact, we can work with more than one factors if our customers want us to do that.”

Although the company spokesman didn’t mention any deadline as yet it can be assumed that Best Man Speech Insight will be ready with the revamped product well before the beginning of the next wedding season. And since the wedding season is over here in the US they have ample time for testing their plans.


[End of Press Release]

Press Release October 29, 2009 -
Best Man Speech Insight Releases Unique Speech Samples For US Customers, one of the leading wedding speech companies on the Internet, has just released a new version of their collection of sample best man speeches and best man speech templates. According to the company sources the Best Man Speech Insight package now contains more samples and templates that are US specific.

Andrew Royce, the Marketing Manager as well as the spokesperson of the company, while answering to a question explained, Though we have customers from around the world ninety percent of them are from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. We have also quite a few buyers from countries like Sweden or South Africa who buy Best Man Speech products from us. So, our priority initially was to satisfy the requirement our customers from all these countries. But since the United States tops the list and best men from the US buy our products more than from any other country we decided to include more samples and templates in our pack that are exclusively written keeping the best men from United States in mind.

Andrew also revealed some future plans regarding further development of the product which include adding more country specific material in the package. He said, “The wedding season is all but over in the Northern Hemisphere. During this time of the year most of our sales come from the down under. We are planning to include best man speech samples, templates, toasts etc which will be exclusively for the people from Ireland. We know we have to hire Irish speech writers for that and we are going to initiate the process right after the Christmas and New Year. We think it’s a great idea for best man speeches and are pretty much excited about it.

The spokesperson also invited enthusiasts to visit the site and learn more about the changes that have been already in place or are going to be implemented in the near future.

Log on to and find more information on best man speech products from Best Man Speech Insight.


[End of Press Release]

Press Release August 25, 2009 -
Best Man Speech Insight Users Can Now Expect To Get More

Port St. Lucie, FL - Leading wedding speech company recently launched the new version of their product Best Man Speech Insight last week. The highlight of the launch is more sample best man speeches and templates have been added to the existing list. Apart from that the Premium Plus version of the product is revamped so that the users get more value for their money.

But the big news which will make every best man happy came from Andrew Royce. Andrew is the marketing head as well as the spokesperson of ( ). The good news is that the web site will soon have more best man speech materials available for free. This will include ready to use best man speeches, samples, wedding toasts, jokes, quotes and one-liners.

The idea is to increase our user base and benefit from the word of mouth advertisement. In a recently concluded survey it has been revealed that most visitors who visit the web site are young people (average age is 27) and are looking for free information on best man speeches. The company has decided to satisfy their needs to a reasonable extent and then offer the products as a special service hoping that they would find them helpful and eventually purchase them.

The company is thinking of collaborating and work closely with it's parent company Wedding Speech Digest to publish even better products in the future. is a resourceful company and deals with all the other wedding speeches like father of the bride speeches, groom speeches, maid of honor speeches etc. Both the companies are sure about the positive the outcome of the initiative and hopes that at the end of the day the users will benefit from it more than ever before.

Interested readers are welcome to visit both the web sites to learn more about this press release.

[End of Press Release]

Press Release July 22, 2009 -
Best Man Speech Insight rules out development of Best Man Speech Generator

Port St. Lucie, FL - Everybody nowadays wants everything fast. All of us are looking for push button solutions and the best men from around the world are no exceptions. Every one out of five best men asks if there is a best man speech generator available. And there are web sites that do offer such solutions. But when asked if is also planning to develop a similar web or desktop application, Andrew Royce, the marketing head of, ruled out any such possibility in the near future.

Andrew Royce explained why his company is not considering a speech generator. He said, “Speech generators are nothing but a little piece of script or application that sources data from a data base of pre-populated speech segments and put them together to generate a speech. But to get the best man speech of your choice you need to click the button repeatedly before you could really have one. We at consider best man speeches as an art or a piece of literature and we understand that your reputation depends on your best man speech. So, we would always prefer to keep away from any kind of automation and adhere to what we and our majority of our customers think to be the best until and unless we are absolutely convinced that the generated best man speeches are going to help the best men in a better way by churning out superior speeches.”

Andrew further stated that is ever trying to improve it’s publications based on feedbacks from the customers. “Our customers are our biggest assets. We try to develop our best man speech materials depending on their experiences. And we are doing well as far as the sales of our products are concerned. The wedding season is fully on and we are perfectly geared up to serve our customers, the best men from around the globe.”

For more information you are welcome to contact Andrew Royce or the Best Man Speech Insight team anytime you like. The best way to reach them is simply by visiting and interacting with them if you want.

[End of Press Release]

Press Release June 17, 2009 -
Best Man Speech Insight Premium releases a new edition of their best man speech product

Port St. Lucie, FL - has just released a revised edition of their flagship product - Best Man Speech Insight Premium. When asked about the new version, Andrew Royce, the marketing head of the company, revealed that a new section has been introduced in the Best Man Speech Guide. Apart from that there is a change in the bonuses. The title Stress Free - Get Rid of Stress and Perform Better has been replaced by A Guide to Bachelor Party Planning. The change was initiated following brief customer survey which revealed that majority of the best men preferred tips on Bachelor Party planning ideas over stress control advices. However, Royce added, the Stress Free title hasn't been removed from the download package - it's still there as an unadvertised bonus.

A customer almost never buys the same information product twice unless there is a huge technical or informational change that has made the product to be re-released. But in case of wedding speech products will buy it, use it to prepare their speech and forget it. You don't expect to be selected as the best man very often, do you? And even if you are selected you already have the best man speech guide and samples to prepare yourself. Typically, you wouldn't want to buy it again just because the product is has been upgraded and is even better now. However, if you are among the few people who won't hesitate go ahead and buy the new version even though you have an older version somewhere in your hard disk you might just find it worthy. They will be pleasantly surprised to discover a brad new chapter on how to use punch lines in best man speeches. It also includes quite a few punchlines that the best men could include in their speeches. The new bonus title on Bachelor Party Planning, as anybody would agree, added more value to the pack.

[End of Press Release]

Press Release May 21, 2009 -
Best Man Speech Insight expects growth in sales with enhanced online purchase protection for customers

Port St. Lucie, FL – The 2009 Wedding season is truly on. However we have to wait till June - July to judge how far the recession has affected the wedding industry. But looking at the early trends it can be said that it would be difficult to register growth is sales this year. But it's too early to give the final verdict.

When asked if they are going to stick to their growth plans, Andrew Royce, the spokesperson of sounded optimistic. In a recent interview he said,

"As far as our estimation we are expecting at least a 20 percent growth in sales of our Best Man Speech products". sells digital e-books that help the best man to prepare for his best man speech which he has to deliver at a wedding reception. Generally there are at least thirty to forty thousand searches in Google for keywords like "best man speeches" and "best man speech" during this time of the year. And fortunately this year too the trends are very optimistic. It could be an indicator to the fact that there might not be any decrease in the number of weddings this year as predicted by most experts.

While purchasing online the customers don't get to see the products and generally don't have anybody to answer his queries. Some fraudulent vendors take this opportunity and sells inferior quality products. It could be a physical product like the ones you buy from Amazon or EBay or a digital product like Best Man Speech products offered by The spokesperson agreed that this is a major problem to deal with and assured that his company has all these issues covered. products are verified by a reputed third party verification agency and when you buy a best man speech guide or anything else from them your purchase is protected by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

To know more about the online purchase security and the protection measures that are being implemented by to safeguard their customers visit .

[End of Press Release]

Press Release April 20, 2009 -
Wedding Season 2009 is almost here

Port St. Lucie, FL – With the wedding season just around the corner, Best Man Speech Insight is all set to experience increase in activities as far as the sales of their product is concerned. Best Man speech Insight Premium, their flagship product, is already getting very good response from the customers all over the world.

“Now that the Best Man Speech Insight Premium is already firmly placed in the marketplace,” said Andrew Royce, Marketing Manager and the new spokesperson of, “It’s now our responsibility to offer our customers enhanced services so that they can expect out standing result from our products. We are constantly working to improve our product. Thanks to our customers we get feedback about our products almost regularly. We have also plans to add more materials to our best man speech product in future depending the feedbacks from our customer.”

As you might already be aware of the fact that is among the top sellers of best man speech guides and materials. But visiting their website you can get loads of best man speech and tips, enough to compose and deliver reasonably good best man speeches. But if you are looking for quality stuff and really want to take your best man speech to the next level you should try Best Man Speech Premium which is available at a very reasonable price. The product is available in two versions – the standard Premium and the Premium Plus. Unlike other best man speech products available in the market, the customers like the Premium Plus version more.

“My brother was almost panicky about his best man speech for his friend's wedding. And he was already late. Thank God we found Best Man Speech Insight while searching the net. My brother eventually ended up giving a stunning speech.” said Camilla Ricketts one of the happy customers.

To view the contents of Best Man Speech Insight Premium you can visit and learn how it is helping the best man around the world with their best man speeches.

[End of Press Release]

Press Release Feb 01, 2009 -
Customers give thumbs up to Best Man Speech Insight Premium

Port St. Lucie, FL - A recently completed survey taken by the company shows that customers are liking the new improved Best Man Speech Insight Premium.

“The best man speech is an important part of any wedding ceremony,” said CEO and Spokesperson Ameet Royce. “Wedding guests are usually concerned about the best man’s speech.” Imagine you are the best man, and the wedding date is just around the corner. If you haven’t started writing a draft for your speech yet, then it is about time that you do.

With the Best Man Speech Insight Premium, you will be able to determine whether your speech is too short, too long, or just right. Just as you don’t want to stand up and say a few words, raise your glass, and sit down, you want to say something meaningful that will be remembered not only by the wedding guests, but by the bride and the groom for the rest of their lives.
The Best Man Speech Insight Premium gives you the pointers on how you should deliver your speech. It also gives you the very important advice which is to not drink before you stand up and speak. The responsibility of the best man is to delay his own fun until the responsibility of delivering the Best Man speech is done. This is only one of the few pointers that you can get from the Best Man Speech Insight Premium.

If you want to master the art of coming up with a memorable Best Man speech and if you want to know how you can deliver your words perfectly, then visit to get more information on the package.

[End of Press Release]

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