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I. What is meant my digital or Information products ?

Products that are only accesable using a computer. You can download and save such products on your computer. Ebooks, software, videos, audios as well as Word documents, Excel Spreadsheet or Power Point presentations are some examples of digital files or products.

2. Will you be shipping the product to my address ?

Best Man Speech Insight Premium or Premium Plus are digital products and can only be downloaded to your computer from our server. It is NOT a physical product and hence are not meant for shipping.

3. What if I don't have WinZip to extract the files ?

No problem. You don't even need WinZip.

There are 4 options that you can choose from to get the files from inside -

1. Use Windows resident (default) compressed file tool. Simply right click on the zip file and select Extract All ....

View the screen-shot below.

Open WinZip

2. Download '7 Zip' - It's a Free program and equally / far more efficient than WinZip

Use the following URL to download 7-Zip -

3. You can download a trial version of WinZip for free from CNET -;1

4. Email Attachment - The Best Option

Just let us know and we will attach all the individual pdf files to the reply email. Simply download them from the attachment. No need to install WinZip or any software.

5. When do I get to download the product ?

Immediately after you have made the payment. You will be taken to the download page after the successful completion of the payment process. Usually takes a few couple of minutes only.

6. Help! I am not being able to Download - What do I do now ?

Sometimes some computers have problems downloading from secured servers ( starting with https:// instead of the regular http://).

  • Send a blank email to For Premium PLUS $29.95 for Premium version
  • Send a blank email to For Premium PLUS $29.95 for Premium PLUS version

If you still have problems then contact Customer Support at

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