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Humorous Best Man Speeches

In today’s world we are accustom to humorous best man speeches, and quite frankly, we prefer them.  Humorous Best Man speeches are there to grab our attention back right when we need it.  Funny or humorous Best Man speeches are generally stuck in the middle of the list of wedding speeches because of this.   So how do you know if you should write a humorous best man speech?  Below are some guides for humorous best man speeches.

How to know when humorous best man speeches are appropriate :

Before assuming your position as the entertainer for the night, check with your groom that you should write a humorous best man speech.  Some families prefer a more formal wedding reception—therefore humorous best man speeches would be offensive to them.

Other families on the other hand, expect and look forward to a humorous best man speech.  A formal, serious best man speech would be a disappointment to them.  To find out what the groom and bride’s family will expect, talk to your groom and bride.

In some cases the families may be split.  If you are in this position, combine your humorous best man speech with a traditional one.  Be formal and sincere throughout your speech, and then go back through and add one liners and cute, funny stories of the bride and groom.  This is a great way to please both families without disappointing them or offending them.

How to write a humorous best man speech :

My favorite best man speeches are the ones that combine funny best man speeches with traditional best man speeches.  I like them because they still fit in with the other speeches and are sweet, but at the same time are a little more entertaining.

How to combine the seriousness of marriage within your humorous best man speech :

When trying to write the ideal best man speech you need to combine formal and loving wedding topics with the perfect amount of humor.  The best way to do this is by reading through example best man speeches or watching example best man speech videos.  They will give you great inspiration on how to write the perfect humorous best man speech without going overboard!

How to know what humorous best man speeches will be a hit :

If you need to know if your humorous best man speech is funny enough, then use test audiences. Try to present the speech in front a different groups of people because the audience at the wedding will be very diverse.  You want to be able to make everyone laugh, not just your friends.  For this reason, you should definitely avoid inside jokes, racist or cultural jokes, and even jokes that pertain to a certain age or generation.  Be safe and stick to marriage jokes and jokes about the couple.  The best jokes are ones that you find on the internet, but then you modify them to better fit the couple.  You will sound like you spent hours on our speech, when really it took you no time at all to write your entertaining, humorous best man speech.

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Humorous Best Man Speches

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