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How to Prepare for Best Man Speeches

Best Man Speeches are one of the most entertaining speeches in the entire wedding rehearsal dinner speeches. Traditionally the best man speech includes jokes and makes fun of the groom, while at the same time making the bride sound angelical. If you are looking to write a traditional, but unique, best man speech, then keep on reading my friend!

When writing a best man speech you will want to discuss with the groom what is appropriate to include and what is not. Best man speeches can be written formally, casually, or humorously, and it is best to let the groom decide which style your speech should follow.

Once your style is chosen, you need to understand the basic format. You should always follow the basic format, but make the speech unique and memorable by the stories and jokes within the speech. The basic format of all best man speeches are as follows:

Introduction -

Start out with a good joke. If the father of the bride spoke before you, maybe make fun of his speech a little (if you know him pretty well). Thank the bride and groom’s parents for the lovely reception and thank the audience for coming.

Introduce yourself to the audience and tell them your history with the groom…

Talk about you and the groom -

Share a story that shows the bond you two share, this can be funny or it can be simple (something all boys do). If this is not your style, simply describe how you met one another (through school, sports, neighbors, etc.).

Make fun of the groom a little bit to be funny, but do not make him look too bad. Joke about some minor imperfections he may have, but then highlight his good qualities as well to make him look like a good supporter and husband.

Compliment the Bride -

Tell her how beautiful she looks in your own unique way (use the words smashing, stunning, or gorgeous). Highlight reasons why you think she is the right woman (or perfect woman) for your best friend. Share stories if you wish about the couple.

Inspirational Sayings -

Include something inspirational. You can do this in the form of a quote or a well known saying. It is also common for best men to just “say it how it is.” They use their own words to describe the relationship and say “I couldn’t find a better match for either one of them” or “I know their love with last forever”

Here you can also include jokes about marriage. Common jokes are, “Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished.” or “To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all!”

Toast the newly weds -

A best man speech is incomplete without a wedding toast. All good best man speeches would inveriably conclude with the best man toasting the newlyweds. So, make a toast to the bride and groom wishing them a happy life together!

Additional Comments :

To deliver a great speech practice your speech over and over again, and do not procrastinate any longer than you already have in writing it. Remember to have fun, but at the same time to be polite and considerate of everyone’s feelings, especially the bride’s.

You will find more tips on how to prepare for best man speeches all over In fact, the site is all about helping you in preparation for your best man speech.

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How to prepare for bst man speeches

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