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How To Be A Best Man

This article tries to provide you with an answer to your question - How to be a best man? Please remember that being a best man you need to perform quite a few important duties, not just making the best man speech.

As any newly engaged couple knows planning a wedding can be stressful, of course more for the bride than the groom most times. However there is one aspect of the big day that falls solely on the shoulders of the groom, finding a best man. This can be a daunting task, since the best man traditionally has many responsibilities, such as the toast, on the big day. What does it take to be a good best man? There are many qualities and actions that make up a good best man, lets explore some of the most important.

A good best man MUST be reliable. Not only on the wedding day it's self but in the time leading up to the wedding. Though the best man man not have teaks such as planning the bridal shower as the Maid of honor does, his role is to be there to assist in whatever the groom asks of him. Whether it is checking out bands or DJ's or helping the groom pick wedding songs, the best man must be someone that the groom can count on.

Another aspect that helps make a good best man is his willingness to give himself over to the wedding planning. He may have been chosen by the groom but the best man also has to take part in activities that the Bride has planned also. Dancing lessons, or wedding rehearsals, brides often stress over the simplest aspects of their day and a good best man should be willing to step up and do what ever is required of him to help ease the bride's worries.

A fact that most people do not like to consider when choosing a best man, but is important none the less, is whether your best man will be able to afford to be in the wedding. Wedding's can be expensive and this is true of the Attendants also. The best man will have to be willing and able to pay for things such as his Tuxedo rental. And if additional expenses are requires, such a dancing lessons, or grooming he should be willing and able to pay for these as well.

A fun job that is typically left to the best man is planning the bachelor party for the groom. In order to be a good best man he must take into account the wishes of the bride and groom. For instance is the bride has requested that there be no exotic dancers and the groom requested a quite fishing trip then the best man should keep these in mind when planning the event and not plan a blow out weekend in Las Vegas instead simply because that is what he would prefer.

How well the best man fits into your life, and relationship with your bride to be is another aspect of being a good best man. The best man should make every effort to be friends with the bride and help her out also as she plans her day, or at least not cause her any additional stress! Even though he is traditionally there in support of the groom, being on the brides good side goes along way in making a good best man.

One of the main responsibilities of the best man on the wedding day is to give a speech. This can be nerve wracking for not only the best man but the bride and groom s well. In fact the best man speech could in some ways make or break a wedding. For instance the groom would probably not appreciate you sharing intimate secrets about his private life with the guests at his wedding. Further more the bride probably does NOT want to hear how you spent three days trying to talk your friend out of 'taking the plunge' before you decided to support him. Since the best man speech is the most important part of being a good best man it is critical to get it right.

When writing your best man speech, take into account your relationship with both the bride and groom. Are you friends with both? How long have you known them? Are you family? Be sensitive in these relationships. Even if you only met the bride after she got engaged to your friend, include her in your speech and let her know how well you think they work together. It is probably best to leave private jokes and stories out of the speech. Chances are there will be guests at the wedding who will not appreciate them. Also forced humor can kill a speech too. Save the knock knock jokes. Simply speak from the heart and let your friends know what they mean to you and not only will you have a good speech but you will be the BEST best man!

I hope you have got an answer to your question "How to be a best man". I would also suggest you to check the duties and responsibilities of the best man published elsewhere on this site. Those of you who are looking for immediate help on best man speeches, you may try these materials on best man speeches.

How to be a Best Man

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