How Long Should A Best Man Speech Be

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How Long Should A Best Man Speech Be

How long should a best man speech be ? That's the question every best man has in mind at the time is getting ready for his speech. The question also tops the list of frequently asked questions about best man speeches. In this article we will try to determine the optimal length for best man speeches and thus figure out how long should a best man speech be.

You have been best friends since middle school, you were there through many new and broken relationships, but now the time has come where your best friend has found the woman he wants to marry. After your best bud tells you about the exciting news of his engagement, he asks you to be the best man at his wedding. Excited for your best friend, you graciously accept. You have planned and successfully thrown a great bachelor party, but then you realize: you have to give a speech at his wedding. The best man's speech is a time to express your eternal happiness for your best friend and his brand new wife and a time to make the wedding guests laugh as you share stories of all the trouble you used to get into together. You do not want to bore the guests or find your embarrassing speech on a social media website a week after the wedding, so it is time to start planning your speech.

So, how long should a best man speech be after all? In order to keep the wedding guests interested, you do not want your speech to be too long. While a best man speech can be humorous, rambling on and on will have guests snoozing in their seats. A best man speech should be approximately two to five minutes long. A speech that is too short appears as if it was just thrown together at the last minute. Since you are going to be speaking about the person that has been your best friend for many years, you should be willing to put in a little bit of effort to congratulate him on his wedding day. On the other hand, a best man speeches that are too long (beyond five minutes), takes away from the sincerity of the message. You want guests to become interested in what you have to say, but making them listen to too many stories will make them lose interest, even if you have them laughing at some of the stories you share. The best man's speech is likely to be remembered for a long time, so make sure you time your speech correctly so it can be a good memory for not only the bride and groom, but for everyone that was in attendance.

We all have stories about our best friends that we think are too funny for words. When it comes to determining what you are going to share in your best man speech, be sure not to include any stories that will offend the guests. Some of the stories that you find to be funny memories may not be appropriate in a setting with children and family. The worst thing you could do is offend the guests or the newlyweds; the situation will be awkward for more than just you. Be sure to respect the elegance and poise of the evening.

Just like when you are reading a good book, it is important to have an attention grabbing opening to your best man speech. You want to be able to gain the attention of the guests all while setting the tone for what you are about to say. If you plan on giving a funny speech, start with something to make the guests laugh, but if you plan on giving a sincere more heartfelt speech, be sure to start with a sincere comment. Most people would find it appropriate to include both sincerity and humor in what you plan to share, but be sure to do so in a tasteful manor. Have a plan on how to smoothly transfer from talking about how your best friend deserves all the happiness in the world to a funny story about the groom embarrassing himself on the first date with his bride.

One of the most important things to remember is to be you! The groom is your best friend for a reason, so make your best man speech reflect your friendship. Make a plan for your speech, time it to be about two to five minutes, and then fill the speech with words that are appropriate for your friendship. Whether you make guests cry or you make them laugh, remember that the message is meant for the newly married couple. With these pointers regarding how long should a best man speech be and everything else in mind, get to writing that speech!

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