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Great Best Man Speeches - What to Do to Make Your Best Man Speech Sound Great

First off, I'd like to congratulate you, for having of the honor of being chosen, as the best man. You must be feeling concerned, considering the wedding is just days away, and you haven't even started preparing your best man speech yet, and you're nervous about having to speak in front of a large group of people. Suddenly, anxiety, panic, and terror sets in, but it's alright, everyone feels that way in one time or another in their lifetime. It's a normal reaction, but try and think of how much, this speech is going to affect the groom and bride, and that will ease the pressure a bit. Below you will find some great best man speech tips that will help you not only write the speech but also to give it flawlessly in front of the audience during the wedding reception. I assume that when you seek information on "great best man speeches" you actually mean to figure out how to give great best man speeches rather than looking for great best man speeches that have made history (Sorry I am not aware of any; not yet) or given by great men or famous celebrities. So, let's focus on your best man speech and discuss what does it take to make it great.

Start off by introducing yourself, for some of the guests may not know who you are. Perhaps try this approach. "Everyone, may I have your attention please? Hello, my name is Sponge Bob, Squarepants, the best man, and life long friend of the groom, and I'd like to take a few moments to share a few words about our bride and groom." Next, thank the hosts, which are normally the parents of the bride. However, if the bride and groom are paying for the wedding themselves, then thank the ones responsible for throwing the wedding.

Tell a comical story, about the bride and groom, but don't take it too far. Be sure your words won't embarrass or offend anyone, not even the groom - remember it's his big day and you wouldn't want to ruin it. Share your opinion on love and marriage. Tell the couple's love story. How they met, how they got to where they are now, and how they've both grown throughout their relationship. Although, the groom is your dear friend, you want to keep the speech about the two of them. Keep your best man speech optimal and make it sound sweet rather short and sweet, after all you don't want to bore everyone but don't leave out the interesting details. Avoid profane language, keep the ages of all that attended in mind, while preparing your speech. Be yourself, and just speak from your heart.

Speak clearly and in a tone loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. Avoid the alcohol. Think of your friend, and put your desires aside. Wait until after your speech is over, before you drink. Nothing would be more disrespectful, then stumbling, and speaking with slurred speech. If you wrote notes down, try not to read the entire speech from the cards. The guests, and especially the bride and groom, need to feel your words, and if you're reading them from paper, they may not get that impression.  Make frequent eye contact, and take a few second pauses when emphasizing a point.

And finally, it's time for the toasting. Stand up straight, raise your glass high in the air, and ask everyone to join you. Then turn your attention toward the bride and groom. Congratulate them on their new found happiness, and bless them with best wishes for a long and prosperous future together. If you deliver this as well, as I know you can, then I'm willing to bet, you'll be asked to give a speech on their 50th wedding anniversary celebration. And that's what's so special about being able to present great best man speeches. So, enjoy your time at the wedding reception and stun the guests with a great best man speech. All the best.

How to Give Great Best Man Speeches

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