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Add Humor To Your Best Man's Wedding Speech

Giving a Funny speech The best man speech is usually one of the lighter speeches in a wedding. It is common for the best man to use a lot of humor and wit in his speech. One of the reasons behind all the funny best man speeches is that this speech is, in a way, held by a man--for a man. And men generally are not too comfortable talking about their feelings for each other in a more serious way.

The best man speech reflects upon the groom. Obviously the best man is someone he cares a great deal about, and the person he felt was best suited to stand by his side at the altar when he got married. Most people expect the best man to make some jokes about the groom in his speech. It is common to tell a funny story about a time when the groom did something mischievous or embarrassing, but it is important at this point to be careful not to make the groom look too bad in front of his family.

You can hold a funny best man speech and jokingly mention that the groom used to be a bit of a womanizer, but it is wise not to go into details about his escapades with previous girlfriends or how he had a goal to sleep with all of the bridesmaids! Discretion is the key.

While giving humorous best man speeches, your main focus should be on the groom and on his qualities as a person and a friend. You should also remember to outline what you believe to be his positive qualities as a new husband. It is OK to joke about him making a terrible husband, but make sure that the examples of this that you choose are "safe" and that they don't highlight his less attractive habits or anything that is going to make his new wife or in-laws see him in a negative light.

Although the focus should be on the groom, it is important that the bride also gets her share of attention in your speech. Some funny best man speeches are a little too "male oriented", and although it might be funny for you to tease the groom about how his bride has been with half the guys in town, it is probably not going to be appreciated by the couple or the father of the bride if you mention it at the wedding. In general, weddings tend to be the bride's day to shine, and it's not your job to make her look bad. Also, remember that the groom is your friend, and that what you say in your funny best man speech reflects upon him. If you look bad, he looks bad.

The most important thing to remember when holding funny best man speeches or best man toasts, if you like to call it that way, is to keep it light. You are trying to appeal to a very wide variety of people, and jokes that make the groom's younger brother laugh might make his grandma faint! It's OK for the funny best man speech to be a little bit cheeky, but it's best to get the x-rated stuff out of the way at the bachelor party. After all best man toasts or best man speeches are not meant to hurt anybody's feelings.

Finally remember that it's the perfect combination of your sense of humor and the materials you intend to use for your best man speech could actually help you to make your best man speech real funny. You should plan the entire act at least a few weeks ahead of the wedding day and after putting your speech on paper, it is important that you rehearse it, preferably in front of a few friends or members of the family and make sure if it has enough humor to keep the audience engaged.

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