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March 26, 2013

Being A Best Man – Role of A Best Man

by admin
Best Man

Being a best man is more than just partying around, in fact, there are a lot of responsibilities that is expected of him and he plays a big role in whether or not the wedding is a success. It is almost guaranteed that he’ll face obstacles big and small, but it is up to the best man to understand the importance of this job and what it has to offer. The groom chose him for a reason; either he’s a good friend, brother, or relative. The groom wanted him to be by his side as he transitions from single to married. By being best man; he is helping reshape another’s life, and becoming a valuable asset to an upcoming matrimony.

If the best man decides throwing a bachelor party, the first thing he should do is ask the groom if he would like to give his inputs, and what kind of expectations he has of the best man. Next, plan out invitations which should include: location, exact date, directions, Attire and RSVP. If the party plans on going out and drinking, make sure they have a designated driver and drink responsibly. Some fun game examples to play are: Scavenger hunt, which requires the groom find or do different items on a list, after he is done with each item he has to take a drink. If the party is at a strip club, it is always tradition to have the stripper embarrass the groom as much as possible.

If the Bride disagrees with the groom’s and best man’s decision on the party, let the groom and bride talk it out, later on catch-up with the groom on what to do. If the bride isn’t into the groomsmen partying, there are other cheap alternatives such as: batting cages then pizza, or poker night at home. Planning something a little more extravagant? Good places to start researching are: spas and resorts, out of town trips to popular places such as Vegas, and cruise vacations.

Now don’t get me wrong this is going to cost no matter what, and the bills are going to get higher the bigger the wedding. Including food, entertainment, transportation, etc. the average cost a best man spends during the entire wedding process is between 500 to 1000 dollars. If the best man is short on cash there are always ways to make ends meet. He can host a car wash, ask groomsmen to pitch in, make a donation website, or ask the father of the groom.

Now let’s review the role of a best man in details. Besides throwing a great wedding party, the best man’s number one duty is to see that the groom gets to the wedding on time, and properly dressed. At dinner the best man is required to the best man speech, now for most this can be scary, just take time and speak from the heart, there is no reason why anyone should make a huge long speech. Keep the speech short and simple, and remember to practice beforehand. What if the best man is feeling extra nervous? He should then remember that best man speeches are expected to be humorous, considerate and positive, so taking a deep breath and relaxing really helps. In case the best man is not funny; he can use it as an open liner to his speech. For example: “I know I am not the funniest person at times, but I know that the groom (use name) can make someone laugh, that is why the bride is so lucky. (Go into speech).” During the wedding the best man stands beside the groom, escorts the maid of honor on and off the stage, and holds the ring until the vows are said. He should also make sure that every event goes smoothly for the groom, and that all wedding guests are well behaved. Best men usually help plan tux orders for the groomsmen, and fallow out honeymoon plans, but usually are told to in advance.

So, one more time, keep it in mind that being a best man does require a lot of work and effort, but is worth it in the long run. Being called a best man is not an honor everyone gets, so it is important to be at the grooms side at all times. So, if you are a best man, get ready to be part of something great and meaningful in someone’s life. Enjoy your role as a best man.

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