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October 5, 2009


A Best Man Poem Can Do Wonder To Your Best Man Speech

by admin

Often the best man ends his best man speech with a wonderful wedding toast. The wedding toast could be a couple of sentences or it could be a poem. But apart from that you can use poems to make your best man speech exceptionally good. When I say using poems in your best man’s wedding speech, I mean using them at the end of your speech to toast the newlyweds or the bridesmaids. You can use one or more poems in your best man speech. But make sure that you use them appropriately. It is not important if it’s your poem or you have collected it from somewhere else. If you are not good at writing poems like me search for the term best man poem on the Internet and it will return with hundreds of results from where you could pick one or two that you think are most suitable.

You may be wondering what’s or when is the best time to use a (or more) poem in your best man speech. l think the best time to recite a best man poem is inside the main body section of your speech just after you have shared a couple of anecdotes or before you say something about the bride. But that’s only an example… I’m just trying to give you some ideas. You can, in fact, recite a poem wherever and whenever you think it fits. Just don’t recite two best man poems back to back. If you are proposing a toast and using a poem to make the toast then you shouldn’t be using more than one poem.

If you are interested, we have just published an article on best man poem. I suggest that you read the article to learn how you can use poems to make your best man speech even more entertaining. You can find the best man poem article in the main section of our site or simply follow the link below –

Best Man Poem

  1. Oct 5 2009

    if there is anyone on the internet that knows weddings, its a lady on her website wearing a wedding dress. Our wedding day was very special and we had to make sure everything is perfect. be sure the guys are prepared with Wedding Day Speech. Great resource for Father of the Groom Speech and Best Man Speech

  2. Oct 6 2009

    Being prepared is the key to a successful speech, Using a best man poem can do wonders for a best man speech. I know I would need all the help I can get. thanks for the information here.

  3. David
    Oct 6 2009

    I was just thinking about something , I know you cover all kind of speeches like a father of the groom speech or a best man speech But couldn’t I uses these techniques for other kind of speeches too ? If I had to give some speech in front of a group wouldn’t this show me how to put the elements of a speech together and give me some help no matter who the speech it for ? Just wondering since I know someone who may have to give a speech soon.

  4. Oct 7 2009

    A wedding is such an important day. Now with the help of this best man speech blog, you can help make this a day to remember. Great idea to add a best man poem to the speech to keep it fresh and interesting.

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