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The Dos and Don'ts of A Best Man Toast

Best man toasting Best Man Toasts Often best man speeches are referred as best man toasts, unless of course you literally mean the toasting of the happy couple only that most best men will do to finish off their speeches. However, as I write this article, I assume you want information on best man speeches which cover the tradition of toasting the couple at the end of the speech. So, whenever I mention best man toasts please bear in mind that I am probably referring to best man speeches.

It is recommended you decide well in advance if you would like to make a full fledged speech and finish it off by toasting the couple or just limit yourself to just the toast. You better talk to the groom to find out what he is actually expecting of you. If you don't feel at home speaking in front of a gathering you might be very keen to choose to make the toast only but that might disappoint a lot of people. Your audience (including the groom himself) is probably expecting a full fledged best man speech from you, not just the toasting. You need to have your toast ready along with your best man speech. In a nutshell, make it a point to prepare for the toast the same way you might want to prepare for the original speech. If you are not sure how to come up with a best man's toast, go through this article as well as the entire site, you might just find some good points that will help you to get the idea.

While preparing for the toast, make sure that the topics you choose to bring up are suitable for everyone in the audience. It's common that best man toasts are funny, but there is a fine line sometimes between funny and rude. Remember that the groom has not only his entire family sitting in the room, but the family of his new bride is also there and listening to him.

There are jokes that the groom might find funny when he's with his buddies, but not when he's with his in-laws. And there are probably stories about the groom that are hilarious, but would make him look really bad to people who don't know him well. Also, there might be stories about him he rather you didn't tell in front of his mother. Use direction.

Here's one important rule: don't get too drunk before you get up to speak. Did you ever attend a wedding reception where you came across this best man who could barely stand on his feet, let's not talk about the speech he gave - it's not a pretty sight at all. Granted, there are people out there that are just naturally very funny when they have had a bit too much to drink, but the problem here is that most people are not.

The drunken best man also tends to offend more than it entertains. As mentioned earlier, there are some stories better not told at a wedding reception, and the drunken best man doesn't always have the filters to decide what is appropriate and what is not.

Experiencing the best man toasting the wedding couple is often the most entertaining moment of the wedding, as long as the toast stays within the boundaries of appropriate topics and behavior. In addition to personal stories about the groom and compliments to the bride, jokes about the institution of marriage itself, or about the differences between men and women are very popular.

Remember that you don't have to re-invent the wheel. The best man toast is not the most important part of the wedding reception; people are looking for some light entertainment after the more emotional speeches that usually precede best man toasts. The most important thing for you is to take the time to prepare. Write a speech yourself or find help writing one and then rehearse it so that you know it almost by heart. Remember to relax and enjoy it; it's a happy occasion and your audience is already enjoying themselves. If required you can try some sample best man speeches modifying them in a way that suits you most.

Although it won't be enough to just get up and improvise a few words, the best man speech shouldn't go on too long either. Anything over 5-7 minutes is normally too long, and will begin to get boring. Remember, there are usually a lot of people who want to get up and "say a few words" at a wedding reception, so it's better for everyone if each speaker tries to keep their toast short and sweet.

To sum up the important tips for best man toasts watch the video posted below -

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