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Should there be separate versions of best man speeches for the best men from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and Ireland?

Best Nan Speech around the world in countries like Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland

You may have noticed that I have recommen- ded Dan Steven's Best Man Speech several times in almost every page of this web site. And it’s the only resource that I have recommended in this regard for you, the best man. It's because I believe that it is the best best man speech guide that you may possibly be able to download from the internet. What I like about this guide is that it’s universally applicable. In other words, the author and his team do realize that there are best men from outside the USA as well who might be interested in his works. And thus this is the only Best Man Speech resource I have found which fulfills the expectations of the best men from around the world especially from the English speaking countries like the United States, Canada, UK (including England), Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa who needs to deliver a best man's wedding speech.

If you are someone who lives in the UK, an Australian or an Irish or a South African and have been selected as the best man by your brother or one of your buddies and still wondering if the best man speech resource I keep on mentioning is right for you, rest assured that this best man speech resource including the sample and example speeches are just ideal for you because of its universal nature and would be quite suitable for audiences from the US, UK, Australia and South Africa (or any other country or region) alike.

Here are some comments from a few best men around the world.

"This is an invaluable resource that I would recommend to anyone that is involved in a wedding. It saved me hours of time and made it clear in my head what I was actually required to do."

Stephen Bell
Western Australia

"Whether you have plenty of time to prepare a speech, or are in a bind like I was, I would highly recommend your resource to assist you in writing a wedding speech that will never be forgotten."

Jarrod Alban
Arkansas, U.S.A

“After reading your book I had the words I wanted to say but couldn’t quite get down on paper before. Come the big day and I delivered that speech no worries. It was a very touching moment - you should have seen the looks on their faces.”

Jon Castle
New Zealand

"I just can’t wait to let you know that your guidance has worked beyond my expectations. I ended up writing the speech in less than half an hour, taking cues from the example best man speeches. My toast was a huge success. Everyone said it was the best they have ever heard. Again thank you for helping me put together a unforgettable toast I will always remember."

Jason Pierce
Republic of South Africa

"How did you come up with all this amazing material, it's incredible. Your book is really incomparable and certainly worth every penny."

Jeremy Young
United Kingdom (UK)

"Outstanding, I mean I was simply blown away! I just got back from the wedding and can't wait to thank you. Frankly, I was skeptical at first, but the speech went down so well that it surpassed all my expectations. People congratulated me afterwards saying that it was the funniest best man speech they had ever heard.”

Danny Morrison


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