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Best Man Speech and Other Important Best Man Duties and Responsibilities

Best man duties include giving a best man speechIt is a true honor to be given the opportunity to be a best man at a wedding. Being given this honor is something that not everyone gets to face. While it is something you truly want to make the most of, there are also a number of best man duties and responsibilities you will have to take care of. Best man speech is one of the important duties that a best man has to perform. But a best man’s responsibilities don’t end with the it.

When it comes to the duties you are in charge of prior to the wedding, the most well known responsibility is taking care of the bachelor party. This is where you will organize some kind of party with the other groomsmen and take the groom out for his last good time as a bachelor.

There are several other best man duties and best man responsibilities you will have to take care of prior to the wedding as well. Some of these duties include attending pre-wedding parties, attending the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, picking up the groom’s formal wear and handling toasts at the rehearsal dinner.

The next step of duties is at the wedding itself. As the best man, you will be in charge of transporting the groom to the wedding and assisting him with dressing for the wedding. You will also be in charge of overseeing the ushers and keeping a copy of the ceremony seating plan in case the ushers need to refer to it.

Some of the more important duties at the wedding include signing the marriage certificates as a legal witness and organizing the groomsmen for photographs. But the most important responsibility is keeping track of the bride’s wedding ring until it is time for the exchange of the rings.

From there, the last best man duties and responsibilities will be held at the reception. At the reception, you will be seated at the head table and will mingle with the guests at the reception. You will want to make it a point to dance with the bride and the maid of honor.

An important duty that many best men fear is giving the toast. Make sure to write out a best man speech prior to the wedding so you know what you are going to say. And then spend some time with it practicing. This can make the toast go over much smoother. Remember a good best man speech can make your day as a best man. Also keep in mind that even if they somehow manage to get it written most best men find it hard to stand up and deliver the best man speech. So, it's better to figure out the drawbacks well in advance and prepare accordingly. It is as simple as that.

Lastly, the best man makes sure that the groom has all tickets, hotel information, itinerary, and anything else needed for the honeymoon. Then, it is the best mans duty to make sure all men’s formal wear is returned to the rental shop following the wedding.

It can seem like a lot of best man duties and responsibilities, but it is a true honor and experience not everyone gets to have. Just remember, it is your job to make the wedding one that the bride and groom will never forget.

List of Best Man Duties and Responsibilities

Now let's discuss the best man duties more specifically and we will try to create a list of duties that a best man often has to take care of at a wedding. There are three basic stages for the duties of a best man.

Stage 1 - Planning the Wedding and Leading Up
Stage 2 - Wedding Day and Ceremony
Stage 3 - Reception and Celebration

Within these three stages of best man responsibilities there are certain tasks that need to be accomplished by the best man. It can be difficult to keep track of what to do as a best man. That is where the best man duties checklist comes into play. During stage 1 of the duties of a best man you will help make the grooms life a little easiest, and a little less stressful. This may include helping with many small tasks, planning of events, and just talking with the groom whenever he may need a friendly ear. During stage 2 of the duties of the man it is important to keep calm, both yourself and the groom. In this stage of the best man responsibilities it is also important to once again take care of any small tasks that you can to take any extra stress off of the groom. Finally, stage 3 of the duties of a best man, arguably the most fun part, you will first help take care of paperwork and the like. This is followed by celebrating with the newlyweds, their families and their friends.

Best Man Duties Stage 1 - Planning the Wedding and Leading Up

  1. Print Best Man Duties Checklist (Very important step
  2. Be there when the groom is selecting tuxedos. Give input, but don't take over.
  3. Help with tasks like helping any other groomsman make travel arrangements, help with scheduling of certain events, and organize and accompany groomsmen's fittings.
  4. Plan the bachelor party, but don't do anything that might upset the groom, surprises are nice, but don't hesitate to ask if something is going to be ok with your groom and the other guests.
  5. Organize the bachelor party, making any arrangement for a venue, hiring help for the bachelor party, and setting up rides home if necessary after the bachelor party
  6. Invite guests and execute bachelor party, making sure to follow through on one of the most important duties of a best man.
  7. Attend the rehearsal dinner, paying attention to detail. This may come in handy the day of the wedding if anyone forgets where they should be.

Best Man Duties Stage 2 - Wedding Day and Ceremony

  1. Help the groom get dressed, making sure everything is in place, down to the smallest details.
  2. Help the groom organize the payments for after the wedding now, such as caterers musicians, and minister. This will make one of the duties of the best man easier later on.
  3. Hold on to the wedding ring, making sure to put it in the safest, most accessible place possible. After all this is arguably the most important one of the duties of a best man.
  4. Make sure the bride and groom have their marriage license with them. Without it they will run into a big speed bump and you may fail at the best man responsibilities.
  5. Take a count of everyone that is supposed to be in the wedding party, so no one 'goes on stage' without everyone else present.
  6. If there is no little ring bearer, one the best man responsibilities is to hand the groom the ring at the proper time.
  7. After the ceremony, escort the maid of honor down the isle. Make sure to look good while doing it too.

Best Man Duties Stage 3 - Reception and Celebration

  1. Pass out the payments that were organized and put together earlier in the day. Take the recipients of the payments in a private place, it's no time now to look like it's the first time taking care of the best man duties.
  2. Sign the marriage license as a witness, helping to really make the marriage legal.
  3. If the couple does not have a limo, drive them to the reception, giving them time to themselves if needed. Again best man duties call.
  4. Take on some of the hosting responsibilities if possible. Walk around, mingle, greet guests, shake hands, or take care of any small issues, helping again to keep the groom as stress free as possible.
  5. Make a sincere, heart-warming and humorous best man speech which is appropriate for the occasion. Make sure your speech is respectful to the couple and goes down well with the rest of the audience.
  6. Dance with both the bride and the maid of honor. This is a special night so not liking to dance is no excuse not too.
  7. Have the car or limo taking the newlyweds away decorated, giving them one last laugh before they go off and start a new life together.
  8. Celebrate, this is fun, not a job, even if it seems like it sometimes.

Having taken all of these into account, everything should work out smoothly for everyone. This best man duties checklist will help to ensure everyone has a fun, enjoyable wedding experience. Without a checklist for the duties of a best man, things can get a little hectic.

Giving a best man speech is an important part of the best man duties. You can browse through the web site to learn more about best man speeches. However, if you're looking for a faster solution, here are some pre-written speeches and guidelines that you might want to use.


Best Man Duties - Best Man Responsibilities

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