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Advice for Writing Best Man Wedding Toasts

Feeling nervous about giving your best man wedding toast?  Don’t be.  Everyone is looking forward to your best man speech because it is the funniest one - so instead of being nervous, formal, and perfect, you get to be free.  You are allowed to say (almost) whatever you want, act like you want, and you are even allowed to screw up (just make fun of yourself).  Plus, after reading this advice, there will be no screwing up for you because you will be prepared to give an award winning comedic speech.

First - Brainstorm for the Best Man Wedding Toast

  • Make a list of funny stories that include you and the groom (BUT no other girls).
  • Make a list of funny, appropriate stories you know about the bride and groom together.
  • Write down how you think your relationship is with the groom and bride together.
  • Write down funny qualities the groom has (that you can make fun of) and his best qualities he has.

Second - Write the Best Man Wedding Toast

  • Start out your speech complimenting the bride on how beautiful she looks.
  • Then go on to how you and the groom met
  • Next pick out your favorite story with you and the groom and tell it to the audience.
  • Then go into the bride and groom together- were you there when they first met? Was it love at first site?
  • At this point, include any stories you know about the bride and groom.  Please make these stories appropriate for all ages.  Good stories to include would be: engagement story, stories the groom has told you, scenes you have witnessed that show the two’s love, or maybe even how the groom has changed for the better since the bride came into his life.
  • Now is an appropriate time to be silly-start warning the bride of funny or annoying habits the groom may have.  Does he have stinky feet, bad gas, or does he not know how to do the dishes or do his own laundry?  Make fun of him a bit, but try not to be too harsh and embarrass him.
  • After making him look somewhat bad, go into a more sincere tone.  Tell of his best qualities and how you believe he will make a good husband.  Give examples if you can.
  • Now that you have reassured everyone he is indeed a good man, give a traditional closing wedding toast to the bride and groom.  Be sincere with it, but you can add some humor in as well.

Third - Let the Best Man Wedding Toast Rest

Now that you have the best man speech written, the majority of the work is done.  Let yourself and your speech rest for a day or two without looking at it at all (unless of course you have waited until the last minute, then you can’t!).  If you do not have many days left until the wedding, or if it is the wedding day, try to let your wedding toast rest for at least 30 minutes.

Fourth - Reread and Rewrite the Best Man Wedding Toast

Once you have let the best man wedding toast rest, pick it back up and reread it.  Make any changes that you feel are necessary to make it flow better.  Then reread it, this time out loud.  Do you still think it flows?  If not, make more changes.

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Best Man Wedding Toasts

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