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Best Man Wedding Speech Examples - Best Ways to Make Use of Them

If you are a best man at an upcoming wedding, or have a close friend who is engaged and suspect you will be a best man, then you need to think about writing and delivering a best man speech. Best man speeches are a tradition in contemporary matrimony ceremonies, and the right speech can add a great memory to a perfect day. These speeches are considered 'best' when they involve two primary components. First, they are light. Second, they are funny. If anyone is going to get tears flowing, let a bridesmaid's speech do it. Men prefer to stay humorous in such occasions because it is a simpler method of communication, and it allows for relaxation. Relaxation is exactly what everyone wants at the wedding dinner. The courting is over, no one objected to the union (hopefully), there is nothing left to plan or shop for and many have traveled for the event.

Before even thinking about writing your own speech, check your ego and admit you probably have not done this before. If you have, you are a good friend to many. Either that or you have a friend who gets married a lot. Still, for most men, reviewing best man wedding speech examples is a great activity to do before and during writing their own. Start looking around and you will find a numerous variety of best man speech samples. Start remembering the ones you like. Then you will have a reference pool and muse for inspiration in creating your own.

As you collect a group of your favorite best man wedding speech examples, you are sure to notice that almost all begin with thanking and greeting the guests. Even though your intention is to be humorous, you do not personally know everyone there the way you know the groom. Watch or read the openings of the example best man speeches. Notice the recurring pattern. The best man starts with an opening joke to get everyone's attention, because they have been listening to people talk for some time now. Then, sincerely thank the guests for their attendance at this event. Then, thank them again for supporting your friends.

Consider your best man speech a football game, and you have finished the first quarter. The end zone in the second quarter is to explain your friendship with the groom and share stories about your time and memories together. Again, stick with humor and entertainment here. It will not only keep your audience engaged, but shows that you are truly a friend of the groom. Also keep the jokes family appropriate, as there are two families in attendance, uniting on this occasion. As you dish about your friend, segue towards any points that you think are positive qualities of his that will help him be a successful husband. At the same time, do not highlight any less attractive habits or attributes that his new wife and in-laws might see as negative. Even in union with a wife, let your groom (and the world) know that you have his back. As you go through best man wedding speech examples, you are sure to see some jokes bomb or even get boos. Best man wedding speech examples such as these are a tremendous reference in where not to go.

Once you have propped up your friend, the groom, in the eyes of the audience, you are on the way to the end zone. However, you must hold that lead through the second half in order to seal the win. In your best man wedding speech examples (hope you chose a few that are really good), did you notice how the best ones are not completely male oriented? Once you have joked about the groom, always give the bride a compliment...or two or three. Make sure she gets her share of attention in your best man speech. Yet, also make sure her attention is praise and not the teasing you gave your friend. Weddings have a tendency to be the bride's day to form a vibrant memory, to live out the princess fantasy from childhood. In your best man wedding speech examples, look for how the groom is the friend of the best man, and that the best man reflects upon him. If the best man looks bad, the groom looks bad, and the marriage starts off on a bad foot.

Now that you have propelled both members of the newly married couple, get into the end zone and seal the deal. Finish with something funny, hopefully an inspirational saying and then make a toast. This is where your research into best man wedding speech examples can really save you. You are seeking to cap off a magic memory here, so while a cheesy line from a romantic comedy may tempt you, find a line that is more obscure. Give the bride and groom, and the audience, something they may not have heard before.

You will know immediately whether or not you have won this game. Most likely, you only get to do one best man speech in your life. Certainly you only have one shot at each one you get to do. Marathoners know that they have to log ten slow miles for every fast one, so spend the time you need with best man wedding speech examples. Mix and match the pieces and punch lines that leap out at you, and fill the rest with your love of your friend.

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Best Man Wedding Speech Examples

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