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Best Man Speeches for the Best Friend

When writing a best man speech for a best friend, keep in mind this important point - you are writing a speech for your best friend. Do not include anything vulgar, or otherwise offensive, because all his friends and family will be there to celebrate his big day. His family does not want to hear about past indiscretions in his love life, as today is about his marriage to this one lovely lady. For best man speeches best friend, a good rule of thumb is, would you want someone saying it at your wedding reception. If you heard it in a comedy like "The Wedding Singer", steer clear of using it in your best man speech. Be careful not to drone on and on in a way that will bore the audience. Do make sure your best man speech for a best friend is insightful and entertaining.

Proper preparation is necessary to give an excellent speech. Make an outline, or notecards, of key points to include, which you can refer to when delivering your speech. Fill in with important moments of your friendship. Do not directly read your speech at the reception, as this would appear unnatural. Practice giving your best man speech until you are comfortable with your presentation. Borrow the ear of someone else who knows your friend well, as they can help decide if the style of your speech is appropriate for your best friend's tastes. If your friend, or the either of the couple's families, is particularly conservative, your speech needs to be appropriate. Make any necessary revisions, then practice some more.

Appropriately begin your best man speech for a best friend by explaining when and how the two of you met, and grew to become best friends. Include an amusing, but not terribly embarrassing, story about him, or even a short skit. Ideally, this will give guests some insight into the personalities of you and the groom.

What makes a speech great? One of the most memorable best man speeches I heard included the best man and groomsmen singing a funny a Capella song. Another "hinted" at the astonishing number of ladies who had keys to the groom's house, but they would need to return their keys. A number of us ladies had been given keys to drop in a basket on the wedding party's table.

Next, tell a brief story of how the groom met his wife. If you have an amusing antidote about how you knew she was the right woman for your best friend, or an example of how she has made him a better person, share it with the audience.

Conclude your best man speech for your best best friend with your best wishes for their life together. Raise your glass to toast the happy couple.

Being asked to give a best man speech is a great honor which should not be taken lightly, but a light tone will make your speech more enjoyable. Plan for your speech, write the outline, fill in the details, and practice your speech. If you follow these simple steps, your best man speech for a best friend will be successful.

Best Man Speeches Best Friend

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