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Best Man Speech at a Second Marriage

If you have been asked to give a best man speech at a second marriage where the bride and groom both are getting married for the second time, remember that the basics of a best man speech at a second marriage are no different than the basics of any other wedding speech. However, you would want to be a little cautious while creating a 'best man speech second marriage' and make sure it perfectly suits the occasion.

Introduce yourself, welcome the guests with a few brief words, acknowledge family members on both sides, and thank the staff and everyone who worked so hard to big day make the special.

Taking a short moment to offer those few gracious words will break the ice, and everyone in the room will feel as though you are speaking directly to them; that is the best way - always the best way - to start any speech.

The best man speech at a second marriage for both the bride and groom will require great insight and some verbal dexterity, so as not to offend any family members or invited guests who may yet have relationships or warm feelings for the former spouses. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for a first wife or first husband to attend a spouse's second marriage, especially if they yet share a relationship raising their children.

It is important to understand the ways a best man speech at a second marriage for both the bride and groom differs in nuance and detail from the father of the bride speech, and most other wedding speeches.

As a friend of the groom, you can share your uniquely personal perspective with the assembled guests. You and the groom have shared experiences, the attachments of friendship and affection over time. If you can talk about these simple moments and lasting bonds with sincerity and even a little humor, your best man speech at a second marriage, sometimes a difficult thing to get right, can be as touching and memorable as all the other words spoken that wedding day.

There are a few simple road maps that can help you create a thoughtful best man speech. These include some tried-and-true fundamentals, and if you follow them closely, you can create a wonderful best man speech for a second marriage that will have a little something for everyone, and make everyone feel good about being there.

Don't wait until a few days before the wedding to start preparing your best man speech. Weeks or even a month ahead of time, start a little journey down memory lane. Think about and recall to mind events and experiences that you and the groom have shared over the years.

There are sure to be some highlights - great moments of fun or accomplishment, exploits and adventures that you will never forget and, most importantly, the things that make the groom a special person in your eyes.

It can be a good idea to carry a small notebook with you, and when a poignant, funny or touching memory comes to mind, quickly jot it down. In a short while, you will have several anecdotes and remembrances that you can consider including in your speech.

Make a simple list and choose the memories you find the most touching, the most telling about the groom. Add details as you remember them, and don't be afraid to talk about your feelings for your friend or how much you value your friendship. Well, best man speeches are often humorous and lighthearted, and yours can offer a change-of-pace from the usual sentimental speeches sometimes given by a proud father or doting mother.

You may want to add a few humorous thoughts about both newlyweds getting married for the second time. This requires a light touch and sensitivity so as not to offend; if you don't think you can do it in good taste, a good rule-of-thumb is to leave it out, and let others try their hand at it. It is a happy, special day and it is important not to make anyone uncomfortable.

Even though it is a best man speech at a second marriage, and chances are the two getting married for the second time are not youngsters any longer, there is still a sense of discovery and new beginnings at a second marriage, and you want to make your best man speech at a second marriage as touching and moving as any speech given at a first wedding.

Best Man Speech Second Marriage

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