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Best Man Speech Protocol

Writing a best man speech is quite the honor, as well as a source of stress for many. It can be easy to dream about standing up for a toast, and no words, or terribly cheesy words coming out! By following this guide of best man speech protocol, you will ensure a great speech that will be remembered for years to come

The easiest way to pull off a great best man speech is to be honest. Stand up, and speak as you would in everyday life. Everyone will notice if you are trying too hard, or acting like a professor at a lectern. So speak as you normally would, and be open. Being genuine is the best way to go.

A lot of people like to include jokes in their best man speech. This is fine, but before doing so, evaluate the wedding party. Some crowds can be stiff, and some weddings are too formal. Remember that the wedding couple could have their grandparents and possibly great-grandparents in attendance, not to mention countless other colleagues and family. You want to communicate your support in a best man speech, not accidentally embarrass anybody! If you venture into the comedic vein, make sure that you keep the jokes G rated and that the material is suitable for all the possible children and elders in the crowd.

Embarrassment leads us to the next tip: never load up on drinks before your speech. It's human nature to want to celebrate and have fun, especially in honor of friends, but consuming large quantities of alcohol before giving a speech seems like a quick path to disaster. Making a fool of yourself is not the purpose of best man speeches. Congratulation, best wishes, and words to be proud of are. Stay away from the alcohol, at least until your speech is over.

If you aren't quite sure what to say, draw from your experiences and memories of good times with the couple. Well wishes for the future, including happiness and health, are very effective and can be very effective. Most importantly, speak to the groom, but also the bride! This is the time to let them know that you support their union, and that you are looking forward to years of friendship with them both. If you haven't always gotten along with the bride, now is the time to reassure your support, and voice an honest wish for their happiness.

As the best man, you have been chosen because of the role you have played as a great friend to the groom. Remember to smile, and maintain eye contact. By scanning the crowd you can stay calm and focused. Speak directly to the best man if large crowds make you nervous. Give it your best, and remember that you play a special part in a day that celebrates the new life that your friends are starting. By speaking from the heart, and sticking to this guide of best man speech protocol, you can share you support and give a strikingly excellent best man speech.

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