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Best Man Speech Order - The Correct Order of Best Man Speech

To find out about the best man speech order or the most typical position of the best man speech in the order of wedding speeches you need to learn about the order of the wedding speeches. However, a quick answer to your question would be to speak after the father of the bride and the groom has given their respective wedding speeches. Now please continue reading the entire article to clear any confusion that you might have.

Does the Order of Wedding Speeches Really Matter?

The order of wedding speeches does not really matter in the sense that they can be in any order that the bride and groom wants them to be, but the order does matter. The order must be decided upon before the wedding because this will allow all of the speakers to prepare the proper introductions and conclusions. The order of the wedding speeches should flow nicely together. The most common and traditional order of wedding speech is as follows -

  1. The Father of the Bride Speech
  2. The Groom Speech
  3. The Best Man Speech
  4. The Maid of Honor Speech

If the mother of the bride wants to give a speech she could follow her husband. The Bride, if she wishes so, could give a brief thank-you speech right after everybody has spoken. Others like the father of the groom could also chip in if there are fewer speakers. Idely no more than four speakers should present their wedding speeches.

Order of Wedding Speeches Tips

When trying to decide upon the order of your wedding speech, it is best to consider the topic of each speech, the personality of the speaker, and the relationships among the speakers. The order of your wedding speeches should be organized in way that will keep the guests attention. When considering the order of the wedding speeches, you should always keep in mind your guests attention span. You may even want to consider having "intermissions" during the speeches so that the guests stay entertained. For example, have some speeches before you eat, after you eat, and after you cut the cake.

The Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

The order of wedding speeches and wedding toasts need to be decided by the bride and groom a few weeks before the wedding reception. Once they decide the order, then they should inform all of their speakers so they can prepare a proper introduction and conclusion for their speech.

If you are the bride and groom, and you are trying to learn the order of wedding speeches, just know that it is whatever order best suits you and your wedding. Are just the men going to talk, or will the mothers and maid of honor speak too? If they are going to speak, I suggest the more modern order of wedding speeches and toasts.

Learn the Order of Wedding Speeches

If you want to learn the order of wedding speeches, you have come to the right place. The traditional order of wedding speeches is: the father of the bride, the father of the groom, the groom, the best man. Traditionally women did not speak because they babble on, so the men spoke on their behalf. In the modern world, many parents are divorced and many women are learning to speak for themselves, so the more modern order is: father and mother of the bride, father and mother of the groom, best man, maid of honor, Extras, and then the Groom concludes the wedding speeches with a thank you speech.

 The Best Order of Wedding Speeches

The best order of wedding speeches is whatever will entertain your guests the most. Your number one priority should be keeping the guests entertained and awake! You can do this by following the traditional or modern day order of wedding speeches, but the best way is to tweak it to fit the style and events of your wedding. When ordering the wedding speeches in an order that makes sense to you, the sky is the limit. You can order the speeches by personality, length, topic, or even make a game out of it! Why not have all the speakers pull out of a hat during the reception to determine the order? My personal opinion is to simply fall back upon the traditional order of wedding speeches and stop being worried.

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Best Man Speech Order

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