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Best Man Speech Opening - A Few Tips to Make it Perfect

Choosing your wedding speech opening is one of the hardest decisions to make about your entire reception speech.  A best man speech opening should be the most entertaining part of the speech.  These opening lines will grab the audience’s attention, and if you make them laugh in the beginning, you are making it easier for them to laugh throughout our entire speech - once people start laughing, it is harder for them to stop.

So how exactly do you get your audience to crack up laughing from your best man speech opening?  You get creative—very creative.  When it comes to wedding speeches, if you have an original speech that relates to marriage, includes marriage jokes, and marriage quotes, you will be a big hit.  Coming up with your own marriage jokes is an extra bonus!

But when being original with your best man speech opening, you do have to be careful.  You do not want to think your speech is going to be hilarious, and then get a bad response from the audience.  This can be hard to prevent.  BUT there is one good method that allows you to be sure your best man wedding speech is funny, and that is to present it in front of people (other than people who will be at the wedding).  If you present to a variety of different people and get a good roaring laugh out of them, it is likely that you will do the same when it comes to the big day.

Practice will make perfect, and if you manage to get a great response from multiple audiences, it will make you more prepared, comfortable, and confident!  The more comfortable and confident you feel in front of your audience, the more you will be able to let go, which will make you much funnier.  You will not be afraid to include some impromptu jokes into your best man speech opening, which can come in handy.  Often times best man speeches need to come up with a comeback to a jokes made by a previous speaker, if you are not nervous, it will be much easier for you to think of something unique and funny. 

Another thing you may want to include in the best man speech opening is your introduction.  Introduce yourself to the audience and tell the audience a few words about your relationship with the groom - and maybe even the bride (preferably do this after a very funny opening joke).  It is a vital part of the best man speech, but if you stick it between two really funny comments or jokes, you will be golden.  For example, have your funny best man speech opening, introduce yourself, explain your relationship with the groom, and then include a funny story or funny fact about the groom. 

If you follow these tips for you best man speech opening, you will be the life of the wedding reception, and everyone will see you as a comedic, charming man.  Best of luck to you, and get to reading and writing!

How to get your Best Man Speech Opening right

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