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You have been chosen by a friend of yours to be his best man and support him during his wedding. There are several duties that you are expected to perform as the best man and one of them is giving a nice decent best man speech at the wedding reception. When you think of best man speeches for the first time you realize that though you have heard several other best men giving their best man speeches but now that it's your turn to pull up one, you are clueless.And this is what that happens to the majority of the best men. But you need not worry since all you need to give your speech are some best man speech ideas and this web site is all about best man speech ideas. So, while the current article will give you some ideas on the best man speech topics, you would want to go through the entire site to get the complete best man speech idea.

Although, you are the best man, not everyone in the room will know who you are. Therefore, introduce yourself to the guests, then open your best man speech with a joke or something humorous about this day. Next you want to thank the groom for asking you to be a part of his wedding, and especially for picking you as the best man.

Complement the bride, and be sure to thank her on behalf of the bridesmaids and any other that may of helped with the wedding. Don't forget to tell the bride how beautiful she looks. Following this, thank the hosts, and the guests for attending. Next, thank the father of the bride for his speech, and caring words.

Toast both the mother and father of the bridal couple, you don't want to forget to include the groom's parent's as well. Thank the guests for their gifts, and compliments, include the maid of honor and bridesmaids, and anyone else responsible for making this day such a success.

Now throw in the humor, mention something funny that may have happened, while preparing for the wedding. Perhaps, some kind of disaster happened during the ceremonial day, reveal all of the behind secrets.

Though you would definitely want to mention the bride and bridesmaids and others, like all best man speeches, your best man speech should also be focused mainly on the groom. Explain your relationship with the groom, how you two met, how your friendship was developed, and how you became best friends. Ask the groom, why he picked you to be his best man, then respond to his answer, in a humorous way.

Next, you want to introduce the bride and groom, tell their story. Every couple shares  their own unique love story. Paint a picture for the guests, tell everyone how they met, how they got to where they are now. Was he the hero, or did she save him somehow? Were they friends, and then it evolved into something more? Maybe he shared a special story with you, pertaining to his new found love.

Engage the audience, make them part of your speech, and make eye contact, take frequent breaks during your best man speech, to emphasize the point you're trying to make. Maybe throw in some words of wisdom about your ideas, and thoughts on marriage, but be sincere and emotional. Inspirational thoughts and poems, are a good way to strengthen your feelings. If you are married yourself, then add things you have learned, and how you coped with the entire marriage process. Be sure all your comments, are heartfelt, if you're speaking from the heart, there is no way you can go wrong.

Next, is toast time, reply to the toast given by the groom, on the bridesmaid's behalf. Also, if the father of the bride wasn't present, then you may want to speak on his behalf as well. Congratulate the bride and groom, and give your blessings and best wishes to them for the future. Wish them a long and happy life together, then raise your glass high in the air, and ask everyone to join you in a toast to the new and happy couple.

If you feel like having more, then here are some more best man speech ideas for you that would help you to get prepared for your speech in no time.

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