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Best Man Speech for Younger Brother

Best Man Speech - Many people have heard a best man's speech. Some are wonderful and really touch your heart. Some of these speeches are also the worst spoken and could be quite embarrassing for the groom. When most grooms think of having their best man two people come to mind; their brother, and best friend. Assuming that you are the younger brother of the best man, this article would try to give you some ideas regarding best man speech for younger brother. Like all speeches it is best to sit down, jot down ideas, and write the speech down.

There has to be a set of rules or protocols guiding the best man speeches. In fact, there are certain rules governing the best man speeches but giving a speech that is somewhat unique (like a best man speech for younger brother) you need to think beyond those generalized rules as they are basically the same for all best man speeches. So, if you are the younger brother of the groom, it's more about fun (and emotions) than rules when it comes to giving a best man speech. However, it is also important that you maintain the best man etiquette throughout your speech and other activities related to the best man.

Being the brother of the groom and the best man you had better have a wonderful speech up your sleeve. Memories are the best topic for best man speeches. You have known this person their whole lives and have hopefully had wonderful memories with him some good, some bad.

The first step to writing this speech is to sit down and recollect all of the wonderful times with him. Jot down random things you know about him. Really try and remember things you guys did together. Write down memories that were fun at the time, but a bad choice then. Try and write as much as you can in about a two minute time frame.

Write an outline. Just use the key points and the major parts of the free writing. Use those key points to jog your memory when writing the speech. Most well written speeches have a strong outline. When you write the outline to help yourself build the speech, always have two points of the idea you are writing about. Rough drafts are the best to a wonderful speech. Write everything down and get in all in order.

Get a second option on this best man speech. Ask a friend that knows the groom and see if he can recollect anything that might have happened. Make sure you understand everything you are writing, you don't want to look like you have not clue what you are talking about. Practice a few times if you don't feel comfortable in front of large crowds.

Definitely introduce yourself, and tell them the guests that you're his elder brother. Talk about growing up with the groom and maybe how your mother treated you both. Start your speech out when you were kids just ridding bikes and running around the neighborhood. Or remembering the nights you stunk out of the house to go meet some friends at a party. Then, when he took the blame for you after your mom caught you coming back. Maybe talk about how jealous you were that he always got the girls.

Try not to make the groom so embarrassed he won't talk to you afterward. Some embarrassment could be a good thing to let the guest know that he isn't as perfect as he leads them to be. Don't ever mention old girlfriends or talk about your marital status. Try to keep things simple but let the guest understand what you're talking about. Try to stray away from inside jokes.

Definitely talk about the first time you met the bride. Make the guest think it was a very important moment and that you just knew they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. Tell them how you can tell how in love they are and wish them a wonderful, happy long loving life together.

Those are a few tips on best man speeches assuming that you are the younger brother of the groom. but what if it's the other way round? I mean what if the groom is the one who's younger? Well, though the best man speech should be pretty much the same but still I am thinking of writing a separate article, or at least a couple of paragraphs to add to this article, on the topic best man speech younger brother but this time for the best man who's the elder brother of the groom. and if you are keen to get your hands on sample best man speeches related to the topic then check this collection of best man speech samples and templates.

Best Man Speech for Younger Brother

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