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Best Man Speech Etiquette - The Manners you Must Have as Best Man

When it comes to best man speech etiquette, you must know it all. While your speech is intended to be casual, light, and funny, this does not mean you do not have to follow rules or manners. As a matter of fact, the best man speech is the speech that is most likely to offend the guests or upset the newlyweds. So you should be very careful and follow this guide to best man speech etiquette.

5 Secrets for Maintaining the Proper Best Man Speech Etiquette

  1. Avoid anything that could potentially embarrass the bride or groom.
  2. Definitely avoid any content that could upset the bride in any way.
  3. Focus on enjoyable events in the groom and bride's life.
  4. Avoid insider jokes because the majority of your audience will not understand them.
  5. Mix sincerity in with your humor throughout your speech for the best result.

Other than these secrets to best man speech etiquette, there are other things you should do as the best man. You should dress nicely, stay sober, and be careful not to offend the bride or guests.

The attention is on you, make it good attention

Keep in mind that during the best man speech, all eyes are on you. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and have a clean shaven face, or at least trimmed. If you look sharp, you will make a much better impression on the audience. Plus, you will feel more confident, allowing you to sound more confident and give a great best man's speech.

For goodness sakes, stay sober

One of the absolute worst things you can do is get drunk at the reception before your speech. If you are drunk while trying to give your speech, you are taking a big risk of offending a lot of people. The audience may be offended by your slur, plus you have less control over what you say. You may say something you do not mean, or even worse, say something that upsets the bride.

Do not offend the bride

Not offending the bride should be your biggest concern during your best man speech. The best man speech etiquette stresses to avoid any comment on other girls. Never talk about the bachelor's party or any of the groom's past girlfriends or crushes - even if she knows. Do not bring up bad memories; all this will do is hurt the bride. Let her enjoy her day.

Do not offend the guests

Aside from offending the bride, you should also avoid offending the guests. Also remember that best man speeches should not contain racial comments, religious comments, and opinions. This could bring about some tension between you and the crowd, and if this happens, they won't be laughing at you anymore. To be safe, let the groom or bride read your speech beforehand. And as a rule of thumb, when in doubt - throw it out. Do NOT say something that could be offensive. There are so many people going to be in the audience, do not take the risk. Stick to wedding quotes, wedding jokes, and making fun of the groom.

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