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Best Man Speech Closing Lines and Toasts - A Few Examples

Best Man Speech ClosingThe significance of the way in which you close your best man speech is immense. A best man speech closing can make or break the best man speech.

In any public speaking engagement, it is essential to start strong and end strong. In fact, it is probably most important to focus on the ending. Because those are the last words that the crowd will hear and that is what they will take away and remember from your speech. This is even more applicable to best man speeches. That is why this article will take a moment to explore best man speech closing lines, and best man speech closing examples.

Most people can recall a time when a toast or wedding speech took a strange turn. Here is a pretend example: "Flo, I really liked you but as it turns out, you really liked my brother. Now, I am here watching you marry my younger brother." Can you say awkward? Suppose this really happened (even though it didn't). I would imagine this best man's speech creating quite the stir amongst the wedding party and not to mention the bride and groom. In this case, it would not really matter what his closing lines might have been - unless he told everyone that he was kidding and it was all a joke.

Obviously, when discussing best man speech closing examples, it is important to focus on the toast itself because that is usually what actually brings closure and ends the speech. Even if the best man fumbles his way through the first part of the speech because he is nervous or not a strong public speaker, if he closes strong and says something thoughtful followed by a nice toast, he may have saved himself.

It is also important to remember that this is a monumental moment of welcoming a new member to your family and so as part of the best man speech closing toasts you must let that new member know that you are happy to have them. What if you are not happy about the groom's choice? Too bad! It's too late for that conversation. You should have interjected when the minister asked if there were any objections. There are many instances when people may not approve of the potential spouse their friend or family member has picked. But, the best man speech closing toast is certainly not the appropriate time to vocalize or even allude to this being the case. In fact, this would be the time to put all of that to rest. This is a prime example of how the closing toast can make or break the best man's speech.

Can you imagine if you went to a business conference and the person who was giving the lecture ended his speech by saying "Now, before I leave where is my paycheck?" What kind of impression does that leave the audience? It would make it seem that he was only there for the money. The same idea holds true for best man speech closing toasts. If the best man's final words are "Good luck, because you guys are going to need it." What message does that portray? It gives the bride and groom the impression that their marriage is destined for failure. Ultimately, when planning his speech, the best man must ask himself what message he wants to convey. If the message is going to be one of a blessing, he may say something like "God Bless you guys and God Bless your marriage." As corny as it may sound, the best man is acknowledging that the marriage is serious and he is asking God to allow the couple to have many years of happiness and blessing.

In closing, it also important to remember when planning best man speech closing examples, that using humor can a valuable asset too. But, this is only the case as long as it is not used at the extent of embarrassing the bride. It seems that most people are okay with embarrassing the groom but the bride seems to be off limits. This is for good reason. Remember, these two individuals are moving into a new phase of their lives and therefore the past should be left in the past. No need to bring up old flames or old passions. Our goal is to end strong so allowing for improvisation is okay for the middle of the speech. But, as stated earlier, the final words are what the crowd will remember so make them count.

Best Man Speech Closing Lines, Toasts and Examples

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