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Best Man Etiquette - The Rules and Manners you must follow as Best Man

Being the best man you have a very significant role to play and you can't even imagine living up to the expectation without following the best man etiquette.  You want to be funny, the life of the party and you must make everyone laugh, but at the same time you need to be a gentleman, look your best, and be mature.  At your best friend’s wedding you must know your best man etiquette, or manners, to be capable of following the best man etiquette.

Best Man Etiquette for the Wedding Ceremony

Your behavior at the wedding ceremony should be extremely formal.  You should look your absolute best, be mature and responsible, and help your groom as much as possible. Support him and make him look good!

The best man etiquette at the wedding ceremony is extremely important because the wedding ceremony is in no way casual or funny—it is completely formal, no matter how you look at it.  You should never crack jokes, or even try to make the best man smile (except before the wedding ceremony when you are trying to make him calm down!).

Tips for following the best man etiquette at the wedding ceremony :

  • You and the groom should arrive sober and on time
  • Greet the guests with the groom as they come in
  • Keep the wedding rings in a safe location and present them when instructed
  • Stand as a witness at the altar and sign the marriage certificate

Best Man Etiquette for the Reception

Best Man etiquette is to be practiced all throughout the wedding reception.  You should dance with the bride, maybe the mothers of both the bride and groom, and any other woman or little girl who asks you to.  Try to be the life of the party, but not take all the light from the bride and groom.

Make the wedding reception enjoyable with the perfect best man etiquette.  You need to be sure to make the wedding reception memorable—in a good way—for the bride and groom.  Make them laugh and enjoy themselves by allowing yourself to be a little bit silly, but not too much because you still need to uphold your best man etiquette.

Best Man Speech Etiquette

You should have great best man speech etiquette because this is the time where all the attention is on YOU.  Of course you should be funny and casual, but do not make a fool of yourself.  Be sober and tell jokes that will make the audience rolling in tears from laughter.

You should also have good best man speech etiquette by not offending anyone or making anyone mad.  Best man etiquette include respecting others, especially the bride.  Please do not bring up any other girls in your speech other than the bride.

Essential Secrets to Best Man Etiquette in the Best Man Speech

While delivering your best man speech it is very important that you remember the tradition and etiquette attached with it.

  • Focus on enjoyable events in the groom and bride’s life
  • Avoid insider jokes because most of the audience will not know them
  • Avoid anything that could potentially embarrass the bride or groom
  • Definitely avoid any content that could upset the bride in any way
  • Mix humor and sincerity both into your speech for the best speech

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Best Man Etiquette

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