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The Best Man Checklist At A Glance

The best man has to play a crucial role during the wedding and then the wedding reception. In fact there are certain duties that he has to perform even before the wedding day. You will find a comprehensive Best Man Checklist below which is essentially a list of duties and responsibilities that a best man is expected to take care of during the wedding ceremony and then the reception. Here's the Best Man's Checklist for you -

    1. Arrange the bachelor party no one will forget.
    2. Have contact information and directions available for all guests.
    3. Assist is picking wedding attire and having locations to get fitted on hand.
    4. Organize usher's attendance to the rehearsal.
    5. As the best man it is your job to make sure the Groom looks sharp.
    6. Arrange for suitable wedding accommodations for 'out of town' groomsmen.
    7. Remind the groom not to forget the ever important marriage license.
    8. Hang on to the ring harder than Frodo in the quest through Mordor.
    9. Make sure that everyone included in the wedding arrive 30 min before the ceremony.
    10. Sign as a witness the wedding certificate.
    11. Manage fees & tips for the groom and organize in corresponding envelopes to keep track.
    12. Be aware of where the photographer is and make sure everyone makes it in a least a couple.
    13. Your best man speech and toast should be memorable yet appropriate. No crickets allowed.
    14. Read correspondence from any guest that could not make it to the reception.
    15. Be outgoing. Make sure everyone is having a good time. If anyone from the bridal party appears uninvolved sweep in for a dance.
    16. Make sure that rituals like tossing of the bouquet as well as the bouquet is quick and effortless.
    17. Should the groom wants, confirm honeymoon travel and hotel reservations
    18. Get all the children out of the way and make sure the newly married can make their exit formal yet swift.
    19. Arrange for the limousine (or any other car) for the couple. Drive the couple to the reception if there is no limo.
    20. Be helpful. You are there to provide assistance whenever necessary.

So, that's pretty much it and thought being a best man is all about giving best man speeches. By the way, it's quite possible I have missed a point or two that you think ought to be in that best man checklist. If that is the case please let me know about them and feel free to add them to your list.

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Best Man Checklist

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