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How To Give A Perfect Best Man Speech

You might be a shy public speaker and on being invited to deliver a best man speech, pondering hard how to manage it. But the task is not that daunting if you try to keep yourself prepared well ahead of the big day. Here are some tips to make your task easy. I have once been on such occasion and did manage it well by remembering the following points.

• The groom has chosen you as the best man for the big occasion for your unique personality. So try to be yourself while you speak. In your best man speech, explain how you relate to the bride and groom and thank the groom for giving you this honor.

• Your best man speech should in general not be longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Remember a wedding is a big occasion and the invitees wish to enjoy the proceedings. They are not present to hear a long speech.

• Try to speak loudly and clearly. But as you would most probably be using a microphone don’t overdo on the loudness.

• There are some things that you must avoid while delivering best man speeches. Don’t speak of ex-girl friends, ex-wives, ex-relations. This would mar the whole program. Don’t humiliate the bride or groom. Also avoid drinking before your speech

• Thank the bride and the groom’s mother for making the marriage possible. Finally try to understand the crowd and speak accordingly. Try to tell a funny anecdote connecting the bride and the groom. Say how they met and why you think they would make a perfect couple.

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