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Funny Wedding Speeches - When and How to Write a Funny Wedding Speech

Funny wedding speeches are not for everyone, but if you believe your speech should be a funny wedding speech, I am here to help it not turn into a disaster.  About 80% of funny wedding speeches turn to disaster due to a lack in preparation.  Do not let yourself be one of them.

Funny wedding speeches are ideally for male wedding speakers who have a good sense of humor.  I am not being sexist here, but this is the group funny wedding speeches generally work out the best for.

If you are female and attempting to give a funny wedding speech, take extreme precaution and read it in front of multiple audiences before reading out loud at the wedding - or you may end up getting cocked faces and crossed eyes.  Please avoid this, it is extremely embarrassing.

  1. When preparing a funny wedding speech, first write all the basic parts of your speech.  If you wish you can use a wedding speech template, or just look up the ordinary format.  Write your wedding speech according to this.
  2. After you wedding speech is written, it is time to make it a funny wedding speech.  You can do this in multiple ways depending on your speech, your sense of humor, and where you would like to make it funny.

    • Best Man Funny Wedding Speech
      The best man is generally expected and required to give a funny wedding speech or funny best man speech to be precise, so the entire speech should be in a sarcastic manner.  You need to still be appropriate and be sure not to upset anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings.
    • Father of the Bride or Father of the Groom Funny Wedding Speech
      In the father’s speech they are expected to tell how proud they are of their daughter/son, plus welcome their new son/daughter-in-law into the family.  Try to keep the humor to a minimum, but can use it in the beginning and end of speech.
    • Groom Funny Wedding Speech
      For the groom’s speech I suggest no humor be used at all.  The groom’s speech is supposed to be strictly formal and thankful, so please do this sincerely.
    • Matron or Maid of Honor Funny Wedding Speech
      I extremely caution women not to give funny wedding speeches because they ordinarily turn out in a disaster.  But if you feel you have the sense of humor that is needed, give it a whirl.
    • Other Funny Wedding Speech
      As a general rule, unless you have a really good sense of humor and cannot hold your jokes in, then I suggest you try to give a formal wedding speech as opposed to a funny wedding speech.  They are less likely to turn out a disaster, and they are much easier to prepare.

  3. Once you feel your wedding speech is full of humor and meets the needs of your type of wedding speech, begin reading over your speech.  Make changes to make the speech flow better, and do not be afraid to read it out loud to yourself.
  4. Once you have perfected this, read your funny wedding speech out loud in front of a group of people (preferably ones that will not be at the wedding reception).   Get their opinions on your funny wedding speech, and also take their suggestions.


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Funny Wedding Speech for the Best Man

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