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Father of The Groom Speech when the groom's father is not the best man

[ Traditionally the groom chooses a friend of his as the best man. Often it's the brother or cousin of the groom who is selected as the best man. But sometimes in absence of brothers, cousins or suitable friends the father of the groom has to play the role of the best man. In spite of obvious similarities, this article is not about best man speeches by the father of the groom but it's about the wedding speech from the groom's father. ]

Father of the Groom getting ready for his speechYour son is getting married, finally, and now it's time to start your father of the groom speeches and you don't know what to say or how many speeches you have to make. With the upcoming wedding, you better prepare at least two of them just to be on the safe side.

Your first father of the groom speech will come sooner than you think and you'll need time to practice it before you stand in front of everyone to say it. Your first one, hopefully not, is the one about the birds and the bees.

Traditionally, this was the father's job - to give advice was one of the best wedding gifts the father could give his son. A few days before the wedding the father would sit down with his son in the study and "have the talk".

Nowadays, it's mostly likely your son is giving you advice on matters of matrimony. So this lets you off the hook on this speech. But there are others to be tackled.

Your first public speech as father of the groom will be at the rehearsal dinner. This one is easy because it's usually a casual affair, even if it is a formal dinner. Here you can thank the guests, maid of honor and bride's maids on a more personal front. You also want to thank the parents of the bride for all they have done and for their lovely daughter.

The rehearsal dinner is for, well, the rehearsal, and for getting the people who helped with the wedding all in one place to thank them and to give them a little gift for all their help. And of course, have a great dinner and a relaxing night before the actual wedding.

Your next speech as the father of the groom will be at the reception. This is a debatable subject but some say the father of the groom makes the first speech. But others say the father of the bride makes the first speech. It depends on what tradition your family follows. The brides family, too. But you will get to say your piece at the reception no matter when it's your turn to give your speech.

The father of the groom speech at the reception is a little more formal, again, it depends on the traditions you follow. Some fathers use this opportunity to give a long drawn out story that covers their sons life from birth to that day. Try not to give that type of speech

Use the following as a guideline on what to include in your father of the groom speech:

  • If you're the first speaker at the reception then it will be up to you to thank all of the guests and start the formal celebration. This will be your chance to set the mood of the following speeches. It's up to you to keep it short or long.
  • Mention how happy your family is to include your new daughter-in-law and talk a little bit about her.
  • Talk about your son's trials and tribulations. For the sake of your son and new daughter-in-law, try to keep it on the short side.
  • Be eloquent, not insensitive, for your son sake.
  • End your speech with a toast to the happy couple.

Using a few guidelines will help your speech set the right tone for the speech. It's hard to get the right set of emotion and humor since men don't (usually) like to get too emotional in public but your father of the groom speech should be heartfelt and humorous.

When you start your father of the groom speech with welcoming everyone then going on with little humorous antidotes from your son's childhood, allows everyone to get a glimpse of your son. Ending your speech with a humorous advice about married life will insure you'll get that round of applause for your father of the groom speech.


Now, if the father of the groom happens to be the best man then then he would want to browse information on best man speeches as well so that he can compare the both and come up with a wonderful best man speech which is from the father of the groom.

And if you are looking for collection of best man speech samples and toasts that's the link for you.

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