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A collection of best man speech articles which means more resources for you to explore and brush up your skills before the wedding reception. Best man speeches only get better when you can afford time go through more and more resources like what being offered here. So, take full advantage of it and start reading the best man speech articles listed here in this section.

How To Give A Perfect Best Man Speech
This article discusses about the key point that you should remember in order to give a perfect best man speech.

Wedding Toast
Wedding Toast is different from wedding speeches. You can almost call it as the shorter version of wedding speeches. Find out why . . .

Hilarious Best Man Speeches
Nothing can entertain a wedding reception gathering more than a funny speech from the best man. But you need to work with your speech for a while before you can expect to deliver a real hilarious best man speech.

Best Man Jokes
Best man jokes play an important role in making a best man speech funny and entertaining. But a best man should learn how to use the best man jokes and one liners wisely.

Free Best Man Speeches
Is it a good idea to go for free best man speeches especially when you are not too comfortable with the mic and yet want to give a great best man speech that will be able to entertain the guests present at the wedding reception? Find out.

Bachelor Party Ideas
If you are a best man you have two things to worry about. First the best man speech and then make arrangements for the bachelor party. There are several other duties but these are the two where you need to get creative. Here are some ideas.

What can Dale Carnegie teach you about your best man speech? Everything!
You can learn a lot from the works and teaching of the legendry writer Dale Carnegie while preparing to deliver your best man speech. Carnegie's books like Art Of Public Speaking have the potential to make your speech extremely enjoyable.

Groomsman Speeches
You don't get the opportunity to hear wedding speeches from the groomsmen at a reception unless, of course, it's the best man who is being referred to as the groomsman. But if you have to deliver a speech as one of the groomsmen here are some ideas on groomsman speeches.

Love Quotes
Love quotes could make you best man speech very special. Wedding is an union of two souls tied together by love knots and your speech should reflect that. This article on using love quotes in your best man speech could help you in that direction.

Maid of Honor Speeches
There are lot of similarity between best man speeches and maid of honor speeches. It could be quite interesting to find out how a maid of honor prepares for her maid of honor speech and if a best man could learn anything from it.

Marriage Quotes
Using suitable marriage quotes (Quotations related to marriages from famous and sometimes anonymous persons) in your best man speech will certainly make it a lot more interesting. Hope you will find some good marriage quotes to include in your speech in the article.

Irish Wedding Toast
You may be wondering what has a best man's speech has to do with an Irish Wedding Toast but if a good wedding speech has to have that element of surprise you have to look and different cultures and try to come up with innovative ideas that would make your best man speech truly entertaining.

Father of the Groom Speeches
Father of the Groom Speeches - are they actually best man speeches from the father of the groom ? And when does a groom have his father as the best man ? Is it when he doesn't have a brother and failed to find a buddy who would be happy to be the best man ? My guess is as good as yours. Nevertheless, here is an article on father of the Groom speech which assumes that the best man is not the best man and his wedding speech is not the best man speech.

Wedding Quotes
A best man speech or any other wedding speech is a combination of several elements and wedding quotes is one of them. You can make your speech simply brilliant by suitably using humorous quotes in your speech.

Groom Speeches
When it comes to wedding speeches, traditionally the groom speech is the one which is delivered just before the best man speech. A nice decent groom speech would definitely mean inspiration for the best man. Some thoughts on groom speeches that you may want to share with the groom.

Funny Wedding Speech
Be it a best man speech, a groom speech or any other wedding speech the audience is always looking forward to hear a funny wedding speech. While some of the other wedding speakers like the groom or the father of the bride have limited opportunity to make their speech funny, the best man has every reason to give a funny wedding speech.

Stag Party and Stag Party Ideas
Your long time buddies has decided to tie the knot and the big day is almost here. He has chosen you as his best man. Now, it's time for you to throw a stag party to celebrate the groom-to-be's bachelorhood one last time. You need to plan the bachelor party or stag party, whatever you call it, before you get to work. This article will surely help you to gather some great stag party ideas.

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills
Most best men are apprehensive of giving best man speeches as they aren't comfortable when asked to speak to a group of people. They fear public speaking more than anything. if you are scared of public speaking or suffer from stage fright it becomes difficult to make a decent speech. But the good news is you can actually work to over come the public speaking blues and make a good speech eventually.

Choosing The Right Tuxedos

The groom and the ushers would typically wear tuxedos at the wedding and they would want to look perfect in their tuxedos. Choosing the right tuxedos might not be the easiest jobs if you happen to be the groom or the best man or one of the groomsmen. This article should give you some ideas.

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