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Understanding The Anatomy of Best Man Speeches

Best Man Giving SpeechBest man speeches are a time for the best man to honor the groom, express his emotions about their relationship and history, and also a time to entertain the wedding crowd. Many fear these ten minutes in the spotlight, but best man speeches don't have to be a time of apprehension and stress. When preparing to give the all-important best man toast for a brother or a good friend, it is important to remember to include humor and speak from the heart. Preparation, sincerity, and respect are all that is needed to make the best man speech a success. The groom has chosen you as his best man because you are his closest friend and confident. Follow these guidelines to give the ultimate best man speech that will be remembered for a lifetime!

It is important to take the time to thoughtfully prepare for best man speeches. This is one of the few events during a wedding that will likely be remembered for a long time to come. It is not an opportunity to fly by the seat of your pants and speak without doing any preparation. While some people can speak gracefully without notes, it is best to at least have a brief outline of the most important points that you want to cover during your speech. A lack of an outline tends to lead to getting off topic and rambling which takes away from the goal of the speech. It can be stressful to be expected to speak in front of a large group of people, making it tempting to have a few drinks beforehand. This is not the best strategy in terms of avoiding embarrassing both the groom and yourself. If you have too many drinks before best man speeches, it will be remembered, but not in a good way.

The first few remarks of your best man speech should be respectful and straight from the heart. While it is tempting to start with a joke that brings a laugh from the crowd and boosts your confidence, it is better to be gracious and sincere. The introduction of wedding speeches for the best man are definitely the most difficult part of the task. After the first few sentences have been delivered, the words start to flow and you will start to feel confident and assured by the smile on the bride's and groom's faces. It is important to be yourself and remember that the intent of best man speeches is to honor and toast the relationship between you and the groom, not to become a comedian and earn laughs.

Best man speeches are a time to shed a little light onto the relationship between the best man and the groom, the relationship between the bride and the groom, and the institution of marriage as a whole. Quoting famous sayings, movies, or even friends is a common way to relate the feelings of the wedding day to the bride and groom.

Most likely, you have known the groom for many years and have more than a few funny or endearing stories that you could share about him. Stick to one or two stories so as not to turn your speech into an hour-long lecture and bore the wedding guests. Choose anecdotes that are tasteful and that either humor the groom or showcase his better personality traits. Steer clear of tales that would embarrass the bride and groom, this is not the point of the best man speeches. One unique tactic for writing your speech is to turn it into a poem. The rhythm of phrases and verses, along with the cadence of the rhymes makes for a fun listening experience for the guests. It is also fun for them to guess what word you are going to end your sentence with because usually it rhymes.

If you are married, another idea for best man speeches is to give the bride and groom tips on how to have a successful marriage. Again, keep these suggestions classy and humorous. The married guests will be able to relate and will laugh at these words to live by. You can also tweak this a bit and offer ideas for how to be a good wife and a good husband.

It's always a good idea to try and flatter the bride during the best man speeches. This will win big points for you and make the bride's dad happy- it's important to stay on his good side! Make sure to mention how stunning she looks on her wedding day and how happy she makes the groom. Also, remember to compliment the maid of honor and the father of the bride on their speeches, since they will most likely give theirs before you do. Making a comment about how they were a hard act to follow will make the guests see you in a positive light right away. If you are a quick thinker on your feet, you can also play off of the maid of honor's wedding speech* and impress the guests with the camaraderie between the two of you.

The old saying, 'practice makes perfect', applies to best man speeches just like it does to anything else. Make sure you allow a few minutes to go over your speech alone as well as asking a friend to listen to it and give you a quick review. You will feel more confident when the microphone is in your hand if you have run through your speech a few times.

Finally, the most memorable best man speeches are brief and relevant. The wedding guests do not need to hear the story of every funny thing that has ever happened between you and the groom. If you are nervous, that's okay. People know that speaking in front of a crowd can be unnerving and they will usually be very understanding. It's also okay to point out that you are nervous during your speech. This will make you more endearing to your crowd and will make your speech memorable. Don't forget to toast the bride and groom at the end of your speech - after all, honoring them and their union is what best man speeches are really about!

* Send this URL to anybody looking for help on maid of honor speeches -; for athe best man's speech you could click the image below.


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