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Best Man at Reception There are not many moments in my life that are quite as cool or as personally memorable to me than when I had the privilege to give the best man's speech at my best friend's wedding last year. Someone I've known so well for that long entering a completely new phase in his life. It's a glorious occasion ... but it can be completely nerve wracking if you're the poor sap lucky enough to have to give a speech. If you're the best man, then you're that poor sap. But giving best man speeches doesn't need to be such an ordeal. With just a few suggestions, you can add just the right amount of reverence and humor to make a memorable day that much more memorable.

You don't need to be a professional stand-up comedian to add the right amount of humor to your speech, and you don't need to be a Pulitzer class poet to make people tear up at a touching, sentimental moment. Making your best man speech memorable just takes sincerity. Be yourself. Add the humor that's befitting your character, and the amount of levity you would normally add to any situation, if any.

The Groom. Your best friend in the world. He's the only other person in the the world beside you who knows where that body is buried. The best man speech is the perfect place to put in a couple extra jabs about the bachelor party, right? Wrong. Never mention the bachelor party. Not in best man speeches or anywhere else. Ever. Seriously, dude, there's a reason why some things stay in Vegas. You know you do talk about? Friendship. Respect. Gratitude. The good stuff. The stuff that has made your friendship what it is today. You love this guy like a brother. And if there was ever a moment to let a large crowd of people know that, this is that moment. You lift your glass to this fellow warrior. Your comrade in arms. You let everyone know how much you respect good qualities. How much your friendship means. And how grateful and thankful you are that there is someone on the face of this earth that would bail you out of jail at 3am. Your job, when referring to your friend the Groom in your best man's speech, is to make sure that if there's anyone in the room who doesn't know this man...by the time you're done talking about him they'll wish they did.

The Bride. More like the Bride of Frankenstein, am I right? Nope. More like the woman your buddy has chosen to spend his life with. The woman he chooses to have kids with, the whole nine yards. Maybe you get along great with her, watch football games together and all that. Maybe you think she's a ticking Yoko Ono time bomb waiting to go off. Doesn't matter. What matters is that you have enough class and respect to say nice things about her. This part of your best man speech needs to be as gentle and as respectful as you can possibly be to another human being. You, my friend, need to be freakin' Prince Charming right now. The one thing you need to focus on is how happy she makes your best friend. How much it means to you that your best friend means that much to her. If he's like a brother to you, then from this day on, she's like a sister to you.

Closing the Best Man Speech

But when it comes time that you close your best man speech and deliver that last somber phrase that sums up your feelings about this day, what do you say? How do you express your feelings in your best man speech in such a way as to not make yourself look like a complete moron? Simple: steal. Your best friend and yourself...you have had a long friendship. Adventures worthy of song. I'd be willing to bet money that there's one movie you both find equally awesome, and watch more times than anyone else on the planet could stomach. Plagiarize the living crap out of that movie. Quote that line that makes the both of you either tear up or crack up. Recite that one speech that you both know by heart. 99.9% of the people in the room will think it's the most beautiful tribute they've ever heard, and they'll forever think you were the original author. Your friend will just think it's awesome and forever remember that you actually quoted William Shatner in your best man speech.

My best friend and I are both huge Star Trek geeks. During my best man speech, I said ...of my friend I can only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in all of my travels, his is the most ...human. Those were the words spoken by William Shatner's iconic character Captain James T. Kirk during the final scene of Star Trek 2: Wrath of Kahn. My friend the groom got choked up. A lot of the attendees got choked up, too, but he was the only one who knew I was ripping off Star Trek.

The Best Man's Toast. In your best man speech, when you raise a glass to the guy you've arm wrestled more times than you can count, and to his new bride - just be yourself. Be the man that's worthy of such friends. Show the humor that has kept your friend laughing off and on through the years, even if he's the only one that finds it funny. Show the sincerity that you had when you first shook hands with the woman he's now marrying. Show the maturity that you summoned when you had to put on this rented tux and agree to wear it for a few hours straight, even though it's the most uncomfortable thing you've ever worn in your life, and you wore the chicken costume at the football games in high school. Your best man speech will be perfect if you don't try to be. Read on for Best Man Speech Content

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